Your Body Your Junk

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There has been a quit debate growing among men who practice game and have discovered how working out and building muscle greatly helps with seducing women. Inevitably it’s come down to the best body type to have that women respond more to along with what is the proper body type for men to have in general. To “GREATLY” simplify the argument the choices are between big bellied but strong powerlifting type or six pack having low boy fat bodybuilding type, yes there is an even smaller subset of six pack having lean swimmer and soccer player type but I digress. The thing that amazes me is the fact that most men are concerned with what a majority of women find “more” attractive. I want to put an end to that right here and right now.

If you’re going to think like this you might as well also throw into that, “what are the ways to give women more / better orgasms during sex. That is to say if you’re doing something worried about if it increases the pleasures of women, then you’re fucking doing it wrong. This should not be the first question on your mind when you think about getting in shape or working out…. what the fuck “most” women like. The thought of spending time in the gym, training, and getting in better shape all because 53% of a women asked in a survey preferred a picture of Brad Pitt in Fight Club to Arnold Schwarzenegger from Pumping Iron is the dumbest and absolute most beta thing I could think of. The only reason to work out, the only reason any man should do it is to be in the best shape you can possibly be in and build the natural alpha confidence that comes with more testosterone and muscle mass… that’s it! Not what group of women liked what type of body in a fucking survey. When shown the same picture on a different day 50% of women will change their answer anyways and that’s what you want to base your workout and diet on… what a woman thinks is sexy? Fuck that noise.

I can tell you right now most women aren’t attracted to a fat fuck or an emaciated little boy. Anything else pretty much goes. But I’ve heard every argument for powerlifting body vs body building body that you’ll probably end up throwing. I’ve heard the argument that Body Builders aren’t “really” naturally strong that when they’re competing that’s when their body is at their weakest due to water loss and strict dieting for competition. I’ve even heard a gay argument that guys shouldn’t care about six packs because if you have a six pack that means you’re body fat is too low… WTF! Also that a powerlifters natural mass and bigger abdominal core is what a real man should look like it’s that body that could “wrestle a grizzly bear”!

First off are we talking a real life natural wild grizzly bear or a tamed circus bear that juggles on a ball? Because if it’s the first one I wouldn’t bet on the powerlifter, it didn’t work out so good for Tristan in the end of Legends of the Fall but then he was an old man, again I digress. The point is you will never be wrestling any type of bear wild life any time soon and if you did you’d be fucked so STFU on that. Also there are assumptions that body builders are weaker when the compete which I do not disagree with but then again how many of you guys are professional body builders or have the time to be? I don’t think 95% of you really have to worry about that.

The truth is there is no “best” body type to have. We all have different types and when we begin start a weaker point… the only goal is to improve and get stronger in a realistic time frame. If you’re naturally big boned and heavier it would be unrealistic for you to loose major weight and have a lean soccer player physic in a short period of time. If you’re naturally skinny and lean it would also be unrealistic for you to go Arnold physic in any short period of time. Body type and time is what’s the important part here. You can only get so big or lose so much weight at a given time. There’s nothing that says you can’t have the best of both worlds either given time and knowledge. This gay argument was started because some powerlifter who couldn’t or doesn’t want a six pack decided to announce that a powerlifting body was best body type to have.

Same actor as before leaner and more cut for Immortals = still would pull pussy

The bottom line is this, like everything else involved with game, physical fitness is a LIFETIME pursuit. Where you are three months from now will not be the same place you’re at five to ten years from now, there are no short cuts. Sometimes things will happen, that cut down on your gym or workout time, injury, new job, relationships you’ll have to be flexible and learn along the way how to switch up for the circumstance you’re in. But there’s never a correct way, there’s just the way that works for you. Everyman has an ultimate physical limit that promotes the maximum alpha confidence, reach that and the rest falls into place.

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