You Can’t Make Women Like You

November 9, 2021 by No Comments

‘They think it’s their game or their state or whatever. But I wonder if they stopped to think that it’s not them, it’s the girl. Just like men like different types of women, women like different types of men.

And because of that, men need to stop and think “maybe we just aren’t compatible” if they get blown out.’

…You simply can not MAKE a girl like you. The fact is, women have different tastes in men. Yes, I have good game, but I will never say that a guy can get any woman that he wants.

If I’m great at anything, it’s spotting the women that are attracted to me. My game only takes place once I have a hunch that a woman will be open to accepting it. If she is dead set against dating or sleeping with guys like you, no amount of game is going to change her mind.

I’ve never been about that approaching every random attractive woman that I see mentality. It’s all about choosing women that are choosing you, and you increase the chances of them choosing you if you follow these principles:

Go where you are more in demand

As I mentioned over and over again, if you go where there are a lot of hot men to choose from, then you decrease your chances of being chosen. It’s very simple, if you have plenty of anything, you are more likely to be picky and discard an item over the smallest imperfection.

Hot women will do this when there are a lot of attractive men to choose from. As I told you guys before, when I go around the suburban bars, where most of the decent guys are taken, the women become more aggressive and more accepting of your faults.

Don’t get in your own way

Remember, if you can tell that a lot of women are open to you, then it’s time to be conservative with your speech and actions. You might have to approach and be a little interesting, but if there are many women choosing you, now is not the time to be aggressive. You just have to keep yourself from screwing up, by not doing or saying something dumb.

Only approach women open to being approached

Eye contact. Women standing alone. Women who look bored. Women under distress by a loser(s). Self-Explanatory. Not only do you save face by not being the guy who constantly hits on random women–and trust me, women see you doing this– but you save time as well by only spending it on viable prospects.

Go where women share common interests with you

Some of you guys are not even applying this, even though I stated it over, and over, and over again. Do you know why I always had women in my life, even when I wasn’t so physically attractive or outspoken? By simply hanging with women I shared common interests with. (i.e. clubs, organizations, and groups centered around a common interest)

But I know exactly what most of you are going to do. You’re going to go back to the same bars, the same streets, and hit on random women. Are these places viable for picking up women? Absolutely–if you’re an expert. Otherwise, it’s a losers gamble.

A skilled risk taker knows that he can increase his chances of success by controlling his environment. You may not be able to choose every woman you want, but you are able to choose the environment where the women are favorable to you.

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