Why You Don’t Date Coke Whores

November 24, 2021 by No Comments

You see them, and it is well known that every guy wants them. The super hot girls walking around high end bars, usually together, or are members of the staff. And I’ve dealt with these girls, slept with a few, dated a few, and I’m here to tell you why you don’t become involved in a serious relationship with them:

Their Primary Motivators Are Drugs And Money

These girls are use to being fed coke or some other hard drug by the men they date and sleep with. In other words, if you can’t supply, then you’re setting yourself up to have your heart broken. I don’t care how much she loves you, her addiction comes first, whether it’s shopping for high end clothing every weekend, or stuffing her nose full of cocaine. And even if she is rehabilitated, all it takes is one bad decision while she’s out with her friends before she relapses and picks up her old habits again.

They Are More Likely To Cheat

These girls are like emotional roller coasters. One minute they want to be with you forever, and the next they’re screaming and yelling. This is a result of their drug addiction. When they get what they need, they’re fine, but when they go without, they get severely depressed, and their emotions go crazy. In the end, these girls say that they want a nice guy, but they will always revert to the drug dealer. My ex-wife’s sister is one of those girls.

They Do Not Make For Good Mothers

Many of these women will likely either abandon or take out their frustrations on their children. What does this lead to? Severe marital and child problems. You will often find that these women will pass on their habits to their children. Don’t be surprised if you run into a super hot girl and find out that one of her parents were also a drug attic and/or did whatever it took for money to support her shopping habits.

They Are More Likely To have STD’s

When your primary motivators are drugs and money, you will fuck just about any guy that has a lot of them. You’ll also find that these guys are also fucking several other women who have the same addictions. Hard drugs and STD’s tend to go hand in hand, as these types of women are more likely to take part in risky sexual behaviors.

I know of one group of super hot coke whores who were all fucking the same guys, and I happened to know that one of the guys had an STD. Why? Because one of those girls was my friend and she told me about the STD he gave her. And the pattern seems to repeat with women who are addicted to drugs. I know this because I’ve talked to many of them.

Unless you are a psychologist and have experience with rehabilitating these types of women and keeping them from relapsing, don’t even bother with them. They’re more trouble than they’re worth. The same goes for women who fuck for large sums of money. They’re addicted and will do anything to attain it. Do yourself a favor, and let them be. They’re just not worth the headache.

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