When the Flag Only Comes up to Half Mast…

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Interesting situation — this guy pursued Gina, bringing up the sex, himself. Once she finally decided to go for it, he couldn’t perform. He then told her that he was only slightly attracted to her. Hm. What’s that I smell? I swear, it smells like something that comes out of a bulls hiney. Hm. It’s probably nothing.

Anyway, let’s get the details, and give Gina the clarity she needs on this guy.

I was dating a guy for 2 months that was divorced about 9 months, some drama there. Regardless he pursued me and asked me about sex. I have a very healthy attitude about sex, but thought it was to much to fast for both of us. One night I decided I wanted to take it further physically and he was willing. He was kind of shy and seemed kind of inexperienced. He never got an erection for more than a short moment. He later said he was only a little attracted to me. Even though I know in my mind and in my heart the truth. I still feel cut down. He was not a very express type of guy. Help. Need more clarity.

Dear Gina,

Ok, Gina. You want clarity? I’ve got clarity. Ready?


That’s it. That’s what happened. There he was, no hard-on in sight, and he couldn’t handle the embarrassment. So, what did he do? “Oh, well, I didn’t want to have sex with you. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Yeah, if only you were a little hotter, this wouldn’t be happening.” No. No, no, no. He pursued YOU. This is not about you, this is about he finally landed you, and the boner don’t work. Period.


I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter. You know why it doesn’t matter in the least? Because he was willing to let YOU feel like crap to salve HIS ego. That is not a good guy.

I’m sorry he’s having some problems with the plumbing. Could be emotional, could be physical, could be both. But that’s not his biggest problem. The biggest problem, Gina, is that he is the kind of guy who doesn’t mind letting YOU feel ugly to save himself from embarrassment.

I know you feel like total crap, even knowing that. That’s fine. I get that. Even when we KNOW that somebody is trashing us because of their own problems, it still feels lousy. But just know, this had nothing to do with you being unattractive.

Whatever his problems are, be they malfunctioning boners or just being unkind to you, the point is that they are HIS problems. Don’t let him let you think otherwise. You were obviously attractive enough that he pursued you straight into bed. What went wrong was HIS stuff, not yours.

Help Gina out, ladies. Let’s give her a little clarity, shall we?If you liked that, you might also like…

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