What’s Your Story?

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I felt a little guilty.

True, I needed to put things in place after having the furniture removed for three weeks while our floors were being replaced,  but I could have just put everything back the way it was…or had the moving company do it.

Instead, I decided to recreate and redesign our space.  I decided to rearrange book shelves and de-clutter closets while everything was still in boxes.

And I felt a little guilty.

It was easy to think of every other thing I could be doing (returning phone calls, e-mails or working on my business) instead of sorting candlesticks and flower vases.

But for me, this was important.

After all, I am an Ingenue.

And Ingenues need to feel good before doing good.  And I didn’t feel good about having my home out of order.  It was noise in my head.  It messed with my peace.

I needed to set the stage so our home and my business can work under one roof.  I don’t want it messy.   I want it nice.  And I want my own space.  Of this I am certain.

(Virginia Woolf was right.)

So in order to feel good to do good at home and in my office, my stage must be in order.  And my story must be straight.

And so does yours.  Because your home tells the story of who it is you are.

If you want to create (or re-create) the reality of your life look at your home.  Look at what is around you and ask yourself…

1.  What Is My Story?

Your home tells your story.  Every item in your house has energy.  Some of it’s old.  Some of it’s memorable.  Some of it is worth giving up so you can move out of your past and into your future.

What do your things say about you?  What story do they tell about your life?

What’s on your bookshelves?  Who’s in your photos?  Your ex?  Old friends?  Other people’s children?

As I was rearranging, I found wedding gifts from my first marriage 25 years ago.  Guess what?  They’re gone.  Well most of them.  (I had to keep an antique wooden refrigerator…) (What?  I picked it out.)

Is there something in your house that doesn’t work for the story you want to tell about yourself?  If so, remove it.  Replace it with an image (or an item) that takes you where you want to be (and with whom you want to be).

2.  Where’s My Drama?

Where’s the “WOW” factor?  Where’s the fun?  Where’s the surprise?

Your home can reflect the fun, passionate, creative side of you, so don’t be shy!

My bedroom office used to be a dark, unimaginative, uncreative space.  It basically functioned with a desk, a computer, fax, phone, etc.

The room was filled with past mementos, uninspired images and old furniture…

Until I got creative.

I turned my office into a theatre.  Complete with red curtains, a prop closet, an art department and a rehearsal space.  Now it’s a fun place to work.  I’m surrounded with fun, inspiring accessories!

So where’s the drama in your home?  What unexpected and fun surprises can we find there?

Maybe you have an unusual collection of games.  Or unusual travel souvenirs.  Or an unusual room arrangement like swapping your living room with your dining area.  You get the idea.

And don’t forget the “WOW” factor with food and entertaining!  If a man you like comes to visit, what’s in your fridge?  Or say you want to throw an impromptu fete for a few close friends…how will you present?

But for now, if you want more ideas and examples of how you can set the stage for love and attract your romantic co-star, order The Role of a Lifetime: How To Star in Your Own Love Story Home Study Course.

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