What’s Your Dating Personality?

April 10, 2020 by No Comments

Before opting for dinner and a movie, determine what “personality” your date should reflect. Are you a dance-’til-you-drop diva or poetry slam patron? Do you crave the finest martini or prefer to ponder trees falling in a forest? Whatever your dating style is, impress your special someone by choosing a unique dating spot.

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Active. You have boundless energy and get bored with a lapse in conversation – you’re not just the life of the party – you ARE the party. Extreme sports are your preference, and no doorman has ever kept you behind the velvet rope. Your perfect mate will go bungee-jumping by day and rave with you all night long. You don’t work for the man; you are the man. “No rules, no boundaries” is your mantra.

Quiet Intellectual. You prefer a good book to a loud club but thrive on a good, heated debate. Your perfect mate will discuss Sartre and socialism until the sun comes up and shares your admiration for Einstein and Warhol. When you watch TV, it’s either PBS or “Jeopardy!”. You prefer coffee to cocktails, and you kick ass at Scrabble. You know the best jazz clubs and independent bookstores. The unexamined life is not worth living.

Executive. You’re a busy corporate type who appreciates the finer things in life. The best restaurant’s maítre d’ knows you by name, you own a Chagall, and you have season tickets to both the ballet and your beloved basketball team. Your perfect A-type mate owns a Palm Pilot, has the perfect portfolio, works out as much as you do, and loves to share a bottle of fine wine with you after a long day at work. Greed is good.

Outdoors. Your four-wheel drive is never clean. Your dogs have been your roommates and best friends since you left school. You like to hike, bike and camp, and your backpack is perpetually packed. Your special someone prefers Birkenstocks and hiking boots and thinks sunscreen is for wimps. Beer, beans and barbecue is your ideal meal. Your timeshare is a pup tent.

I must be a stranger bird then I’d thought!  I honestly don’t fit into any of those categories listed above. 

Let’s say it’s a first date that I’m going on.  I have always been one that would rather keep it simple and inexpensive.  The more elaborate the date is, the more beholding I feel to the date and I know lots of other women that feel that way.

Men never had to swoon me with fancy carriage rides or menu’s that don’t list the prices (because the prices are longer than the meal description) – A simple coffee date and hanging out on a picnic table at the park just to talk for about an hour or so was perfect.

That was just enough time to let me figure out if there was a second date to look forward to.

So there you have it!  When it comes to a first date folks – Remember the K.I.S.S.  Keep ISimple Stupid

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