Unattractive Wingmen DESTROY Your Game

June 2, 2021 by No Comments

I always like to look at the way that I got my lays in college versus the way that I get my lays now. One misconception that I had was that lays are much more difficult to get once you leave the college scene. It turns out that the women aren’t different, and neither am I, so why do I actually have to work for my lays now, when in college all that I had to do was show up?

I’ve already given one reason for this (gaming in smaller groups in college). However, I realize that there is one other major difference. I got to thinking, a lot of girls keep approaching me, a lot of the girls I talk to keep calling me hot, and quite a few have said that I look like a model. I’ve also realized how differently women treat my friends.

Now it’s starting to become clear to me. It’s not a college thing, or the game of the guys I hang out with. It’s a pure physical attractiveness thing. Not to stroke my own ego, but women don’t like the way a lot of my wingmen look. I’ve always known this, but I’ve kept it to myself and didn’t think that it would be that big of a deal. I was wrong.

So what was the big difference in college? In college, although I had a shitload of friends, I was loosely associated with them when it came to women. I hung out with guys, but we were never a package deal when it came to women. Even when Puerto Rico started hanging with me, we always went our seperate ways in nightclubs and parties, only to touch base every now and then. And if one of us left with a girl or group of women, the other didn’t just invite himself along.

Now contrast this to when I started hanging with actual wingmen and guys from the seduction community. Guys invite themselves into my sets, guys stare at me when I’m in set, guys don’t leave when I’m talking to girls, and guys invite themselves if I attempt to leave with a girl. In other words, it’s hard for women to just like me; they have to be attracted to my friends too, and to be straight up, unless the guy I’m with is either tall with an ok face, or is a pretty boy , it just isn’t going to happen. And the women aren’t interested in that kind of a package deal where one guy is hot, and the other isn’t.

So what can you do if you think you’re physically attractive and your wingmen aren’t? Either go do some gaming alone, or start going out with either women, or guys that you are loosely associated with who won’t feel like they should have the privledge of using your looks as thier golden ticket into sets of women. These wingmen of yours are hurting your opportunities more than you think, and can be the difference between you getting laid every night that you go out or losing sets every time you go out.

Women will go by the lowest physically attractive guy when it comes to judging guys that are a package deal. And if you have an unattractive friend with you, you’re screwed. Women are judging you as a package deal when your friends attach themselves to you. It’s harsh, but it is what it is. Be a captain save an unattractive guy, and you will pay dearly.

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