Trying to Stay Consistent With Approaching

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The last week has been tough with approaching. Work has been busy and I have started part time graduated courses. So, I have little time to set aside for approaching women. However, it also makes me realize that practicing being a pick-up artist isn’t something that you can only do at set times and locations. Pick-up is something that can be done ALL THE TIME. I see beautiful women every day, on the train, during lunch, at the coffee shop. What is limiting me from approaching and talking to them? The answer is nothing. I need to start approaching in these types of environments.

Despite all my busyness, I did manage a few approaches on Friday and Saturday night.

Friday – At Some Trendy Bar

Approach 51: While at a bar celebrating a friends birthday, me and my wingman, Stick, decide to approach two women sitting at a table. We open with a simple “hi” and jump right into introductions. After some fluff talk we realize the two women were clearly not interested in us so we end up ejecting.

Approach 52: Later, I introduce myself to a cute HB with another “hi”. It turned out she was a friend of the girl who was meeting up with my wingman. We hung out and all played pool together. After the game, I ask the HB to come and help me pick out music on the jukebox. It turned out we have completely different taste in music. The girl had a pretty cold attitude most of the night and it didn’t seem like my attraction technique was working very well. She ended up giving me a ride home. Unfortunately she pretty much shut herself off to me earlier in the night with no indication of any sort of closing possibility.

Saturday – Bar Rock Show

We went to see a local indie rock band at some bar. The prospects here looked pretty good and unlike most live show environments this one was conducive to approaching women.

Approach 53: I’m standing talking with some of my friends when I notice there is a group of HBs standing behind me. I spin around and tap one of them on the shoulder,

Savage: Excuse me, do you know the name of the band that’s playing right now?
HB: ummm no, do you?
Savage: No, that’s why I was asking you. I know the name of the next band but not this one. You looked like you might know.
HB: ah sorry. What’s your name?
Savage: Matt Savage. You?
HB: my name is HB
Savage: Nice to meet you. So how do you all know each other?
HB: Oh these are my friends and co-workers…bla..bla…bla

She introduces me to her friends and I continue to have small talk with the HB. After a little bit of this she ejects saying she has to get back to her friends. I tell her I’ll talk to her later.

Approach 54: There is a HB walking around collecting emails for one of the band’s mailing list. As she is walking by me, I make eye contact, grab her hand and twirl her around. I dance with her for a bit and she gets all giggly. I chat with her about the bands before she gets back to her job of collecting emails.

Approach 55, 56, 57: When the final band comes on I go up towards the front of the stage to get my rock-out on. At first I’m just enjoying the band and completely shut out my surroundings. However, about several songs in, I notice that I’m surrounded by HBs. I start making eye contact and grabbing random HBs hands, twirling them around and dancing with them. I did this effectively with three different HBs.


The approach quantity wasn’t up to where I had planned this week but at least I got some in. I have noticed though that when I do approach I am getting more comfortable with it. Also, I seem to be able to use a simple “hi” to effectively engage a woman in small talk. Not too hard, just need to keep it up and work more on using attraction techniques after opening.

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