Top Tips for Safe Craigslist Dating Experiences

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I have looked over the above and have found that I am guilty of saying all these things in a relationship. I do not like to hear voices raised. That puts me into protective frame of mind. When voices are raised in any manner that is “No Big Deal” I fear of what my reaction will be. I have been working on changing a lot of things in my life. I have met a beautiful woman. I have been having a great deal of trouble trying to communicating with her. Here is an example of something that happened. Her child was sick from school for a couple of days therefore they fell behind in school work. Then the complaint from the child comes out that she has so much homework to do. Then the Mother allows her to go to a group thing for 2 hours. I understand that this group thing is good for the child. So after driving the child back and forth from this group thing lets just say a total time of 2.5 hours have been taken up by group.

The homework is not done until at least midnight 1 am at the latest. So I asked what happens at this group thing and made a comment about how my Mother would not let me do anything until my homework was done. Then I mentioned how times have changed in general. Lets face it life is very fast paced these days. Couple hours later my girlfriend accuses me of comparing her to my Mother. Then tells me to shut up until I become a parent and then I will have a say how to raise a child. I really like this woman and I also like her child. I had no intention to offend or judge her as a parent. It was just an observation that I have made. Is the problem that I opened my big mouth? Or should I just keep my mouth shut? When I am trying to have a very open and honest relationship and share thoughts, feelings and emotions. I am very confused about what I should and should not say. My past relationship had no sharing of any emotions. I am trying very hard to make this work. Any advice would be a huge help.


Sorry for the dragging on but I am also not a writer

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