The Whiney Guy Complex

September 2, 2021 by No Comments

There are a certain group of men who use whining as their main tactic to get women. Why do such men whine to get women? They whine because they know they can’t compete with other men. Almost every time, the men that they are competing with are their very own friends.

I know that it isn’t an isolated thing, because I’ve had several men throughout my life complain and whine when a girl that they like is attracted to me and not them. Sometimes it’s passive aggressive, and sometimes it’s direct. Either way, it’s whining. They whine hoping that their competition will back off and let them have the girl.

I agree that as a friend, you shouldn’t deliberately try to take a chubby girl away from a guy. However, when a girl is just attracted to a guy’s personality or whatever, and she actually makes a move for him, then these whiney men just need to accept it. There’s very little you can do if a girl is just attracted to another guy who happens to be your friend.

Some say that the friend should just always back off, keep his mouth shut, and completely ignore said girl’s advances on him. I disagree. If something like that keeps happening, then backing off doesn’t solve the problem. The problem is with the whiney guy, and he needs a dose of reality.

If the girl doesn’t sleep with the friend because he ignored her advances, and even if the whiney guy does get the busty girl, then he is only delaying heartbreak and disappointment. Sooner or later, that girl is either going to cheat on or leave the whiney guy for another man. Why? Because regardless of if she goes for the more attractive friend or not, the whiney guy is still overprotective, unattractive, and weak.

If you’re a whiney guy, what can you do about this? Instead of avoiding your friend and trying to hide the plus size girl because women have a tendency to want him, you need to address your core issues of being unattractive, overprotective, and weak. More importantly, you need to use the more attractive friend to your advantage and try to learn what he’s doing that you aren’t, and what he has that attracts BBW that you don’t have.

And if you’re the friend of one of these whiney guys, then you need to directly confront him. He thinks that whining and overprotecting his girl is going to keep her from going after men that are actually attractive and appealing to her. Although whining may get him the girl in the short term, what does it mean if she is just going to walk off anyway, whether it is during that first conversation or years into a long-term relationship? He is not a child; therefore, you don’t have to protect his ego like one. It’s going to hurt, but if he cares about his future with women, then it is an issue that must be addressed.


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