The Future Of Seduction

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So I just put up my “Future Of Seduction” post, and have already received quite a few questions about it. The first one that I’d like to address, is how do I know things are going this way. The first clue is the sheer amount of exposure in pop culture; and not only in the typical pick-up mediums. If you’ve seen “True Life: I Want To Be A Ladies Man” or whatever that episode is called, then you’d notice that the primary tactic used was to lure women in using magic tricks.

I’ve seen it on a couple of other shows as well. It’s only a matter of time until women catch on to the fact that more and more men are using magic and props to pick up women. Add to the fact that more and more parody’s are popping up about mainstream pick-up artists. One such parody appears on SNL. Add to the fact that women are naturally drawn to anything that has to do with relationship advice. How long until this stuff starts popping up in your latest Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines? Not long.

Not to say that pick-up will cease to exist. What I am saying is that it’s going to become more difficult to pull off. And if you look at the way things are heading, and actually pay attention to the field reports, you will notice that more and more men are being called out on using seduction style tactics. This is exactly why the once popular opinion opener is now starting to be shunned.

Also, I talk to a lot of women. Usually, when I see a guy get shut down, I’ll go talk to the girl and see where he went wrong. A recurring trend that I’m starting to notice when I talk to women, is that they are becoming increasingly aware of the basic style seduction tactics that are easy for most guys to learn, such as opinion openers and simple magic tricks. This stuff may have worked in the past, but now it is just too exposed, not only due to pop culture, but also due to the sheer number of men flooding to the seduction community to learn the latest tactics.

I was out with The Peacemaker the other day, and we saw a guy that obviously looked like a pick-up artist. When we got a bit closer, we noticed that the guy was a guy that we had met before. He sat there, and watched me pull a random girl, had her inbetween my legs, while I kissed and number closed her. My guess? He went home and looked up the seduction community after The Peacemaker shot one of his business cards his way. You have to understand, when guys see you pulling women that they want (or on a TV reality show), they’re going to get curious, go home, and Google the subject.

As for what should beta males do? Many of you out there think that he needs to focus on inner game, but in the wrong way. If you pay attention to the seduction forums, there are an increasingly large number of posts based on inner game and confidence. The men on these forums eat these posts up. However, what they don’t realize, is that reading those posts mean nothing; hence why these men still aren’t getting laid and are having a difficult time with women.

Sure, they make these guys feel good when they read them, but they aren’t getting any results. Those posts are nothing more than a drug to help with the pain. However, when these guys go out, the high is gone, and they realize that there is no real change. Most people need years of intense therapy with a trained professional before they see true inner changes, so what makes you think that reading some post by some no name guy on a message board is going to change you?

So, why is it that these guys continue to fail to make true inner changes? It’s because they have no frame of reference. For instance, if I told you guys to go out there and feel like a fish, you’d have no idea how to do it. Sure, you can pretend and fake that feeling, but you truly have no idea what you’re doing. Why? Because you were never a fish.

This is exactly why so many guys have no clue how to be an alpha male. They have no real frame of reference. Sure, I can tell you what it feels like as best I can, but in reality, you are just wasting your time until you actually become an alpha male. What this means, is that these men are going to finally have to realize that reading inner game posts really mean nothing until they actually go through the hardships of actually becoming an alpha male. It’s almost as if they believe that they can reap the rewards without putting in the work.

What this means, is that they are going to have to go out there and push themselves to extremes. If I tell a war veteran to be alpha and masculine, and relate it to how he felt while he was out there gunning the enemy down, he has a frame of reference, and will most likely make an easy transition to being alpha with women. However, if I take a guy that has never had to fight for anything, or never had to claw his way to the top, he will NEVER understand what I am talking about no matter how I explain. Why? Because he has no frame of reference.

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