The Crush Chronicles

November 18, 2021 by No Comments

Alright, so I had a date with my crush the other night.

She showed up 10 minutes early to the date, I showed up 10 minutes late.  She had already been there for 20 minutes by the time I got there.  I don’t know why she was there so early, but I guess she was looking forward to the date and didn’t want to be late – I’m only making an assumption there, but sounds good to me.

Anyway, so I get to the bar we’re meeting at and she’s sitting outside.  I walk up, hug her, and we go in.  We grab a table and sit down, and as soon as we sit down I notice something – yeah, she’s pretty, but she’s just a regular chick.  I realize that I’ve banged chicks that look as good as her plenty of times, and I start to wonder why I always thought she was so beautiful.  I mean yeah, she’s cute, but I always thought this chick was fine as hell, and now that I have her on a date and have her full attention on me, all the sudden I’m in control and she’s just a regular nice looking chick.

As the date goes on and the conversation goes well, just as well as any other date I’ve ever been on, I realize I have the upper hand here.  I rarely get nervous before dates anymore, because dates are so easy, but for the first time in years I was nervous before this date, because of the crush I have on this chick.  But, while being on the date, I realized how into me she seemed and how she seemed like she was genuinely trying to impress me and get me to like her, and I realized I have her.  I have the upper hand here.

So, anyway, the date goes well and towards the end, I lean in for a kiss and I get it, so I’m feeling pretty good about my chances for the night.  The bar gets close to looking like it’s closing, so I suggest that we head out.  We get up to leave and I ask her if she wants to come over for a little bit and hang out some more.  She asks me where I live, I tell her and it’s literally right around the corner from the bar we’re at, and then she responds with… “No, I really should get home, it’s getting kind of late… maybe some other time.”  That kind of caught me by surprise, we were having a really good time on the date and had I not suggested we leave, she would’ve stayed there for another hour and hung out with me at least, yet she wasn’t trying to go to my place to hang out with me any longer at all?  I don’t really understand that, but not to be shook by her answer, I countered with, “You could just come over for a little bit, we could chill, and I have some champagne and some wine at the crib we could drink.”  She says, “You know I don’t drink that stuff,….. and, I really should get home.”  (I only knew she didn’t drink that stuff because we had a conversation earlier in the date about how she only likes girly drinks like cherry vodka sour’s and that she doesn’t like wine or beer – so, so much for enticing her with wine and champagne).   At this point, I decide not to push the issue and just offer her a ride to her car since she parked much further than I did.

So, I give her a ride to her car we have a short conversation about music, because she notices a CD I have, and then when we get to her car, she leans in to hug me and we kiss – and, honestly, what I now think was my biggest and quite possibly my only mistake of the night – it was short kiss.  I kissed her for about 20 seconds – that’s it – and then I let her get out of the car and go our separate ways home.

It wasn’t something I thought about until I got home, but as soon as I got home, I realized I really should’ve made that last kiss last.  I was the one that pulled away so quick, without good reason to.  Damn.  I’m a very good kisser too, and I should have showed her that – I should have given her a nice, long, gina tingling kiss – something to remember me by.  I mean I’m sure she had a good time on the date, and will still remember me, and my chances for a second date are looking pretty good, but I really just feel like that was my one mistake – I could have really made out with her and given her a real good kiss and I didn’t.

Now for date two/part two… her birthday is in a couple days, I wonder what I should do for her.  I’m definitely not buying her anything, shit we’ve only been on one date, but I figure I could try to take her out for her birthday and that could also be date two.  Maybe she’ll be a little more open to the idea of coming over at that point… for some birthday dick.  That’s always my favorite birthday present to give anyway.

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