Taking Mature Women Home From Bars

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Talking with a friend again, and he was telling me that he tried to get a mature girl home, but her friends didn’t want to go with her, and they weren’t going to let her leave alone with him. This leads me up to what I want to talk about: how to get mature women home. I covered most of this in my guide about one night stands, but I never really covered how to deal with her friends not wanting to come with you for an afterparty, and not wanting to let her go alone with you.

We all know that mature women like the edgy badboy, but when it comes to their friends, if you have that attitude around them, they will not let you leave with her. So how do I deal with this situation? I came across this several times when I was leaving a bar alone with a mature girl. The only way you can really get away with sneaking out with a mature girl and her not telling her friends, is if she is just really horny and doesn’t care about her friends, or they know that she is out to get laid and they want her to.

However, most mature women will not leave without their friends approval, so getting back to what I was talking about, how do you get her to leave with you? One of the first things that I do, is make sure that she introduces me to her friends. You don’t want to do this at the last second, while you’re leaving; you want to do it as soon as possible. What this does, is take away some of the anxiety over you being “some strange guy” that they don’t know. If her friends feel like you are a complete stranger, then there is no way in hell that they’re going to let her leave with you.

During your interaction with her and her friends, you want to OK everything with them. At some point, you want to let her friends know that you two like each other and ask if they’re cool with that. Unless you are a jackass, they’re going to be cool with it. Anytime that you decide to move her around the bar, OK it with them as well. You also don’t want to be making out in front of them. Holding hands, touching, and everything else is cool, but just no groping or kissing. The mature girl might like it, but her friends are most likely not going to be cool with it.

For some reason, they don’t like their friends looking like “sluts”. They may be cool with the kissing, but they aren’t going to be cool with you taking her home. However, if you don’t kiss, they’re more likely to be cool with you leaving with her. You also want to be extremely polite and nice to them. I’m not one for buying random people drinks, but if everything seems cool after awhile, you can gain their trust by buying them all a shot or drink.

I also want to point out that you can’t have any friends trying to pick up one of her friends, because if he fails, you just screwed up your chances of taking that mature girl home. If they’re not cool with one of your friends, then they’re not going to be cool letting her leave with you and whichever one of your friends that they don’t like. This goes back to making sure that your wingman plays his role and not hit on anyone unless he knows that his game is SOLID.

Alright, so now you’re trying to leave with the mature girl. How do you go about doing so? It’s simple, after you invite her back, she’s probably going to mention her friends. This is when you go to them with or without her, and let them know that the two of you are going to go on a “date” to go get food, or that the two of you are going to go hang out at your place or hers. If you’ve been nothing but polite to them, and introduced yourself very early on, they’re going to be cool with it.

Her friends are OK with her leaving if they believe that the guy is truly nice and won’t hurt her in any way. This is not a logistical issue; it is a trust issue, and it is up to you to establish that trust with her friends. And when it’s time to leave, and you’re letting them know that you’re going to leave with their friend, tell them that you just wanted to OK it with them first, and make sure that you offer to give them your phone number, and maybe look at your ID, so they know that you are who you say you are.

You can game the mature girl and tease her all you want, but just make sure that you are extra nice to her friends. They will not let their friend leave with a guy that they feel is a stranger or a guy that could possibly hurt her. However, they will let her leave with someone that they feel familiar with and that they can trust. This is why if you plan on taking a mature girl home, you really want to spend an extensive amount of time with her and her friends building that trust and familiarity.

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