Six Warning Signs Of A Breakup

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When a storm strikes, disaster hits, or anything that’s just plain bad happens, there will always be signs of warning. It’s certainly a cliche to hear people say: “why didn’t we listen to the warning signs”. This is true of bridge collapses, storms, political events, and of couples breaking up.

Be warned, if you’re a paranoid individual, forget that you ever saw this article. Please note that the points discussed here refer to changes in your partners behavior that wasn’t there in the past. Also, the more signs that are true for your relationship the more likely a breakup is about to happen.

1.) Is your partner habitually threatening to break up if you fail to meet her conditions? When she is in this mind set it means that she’s been premeditating on this for some time now. If a positive change in the relationship doesn’t happen soon, a break up is in the cards.

Maybe she’s still kissing you but the emotion is flat. Boredom is not the point being made, but rather, a dislike of expressing affection with you.

2.) Do you get the feeling that your partner is attempting to avoid contact with you? This type of conduct can be expressed in many ways but it all equates to her being elsewhere and inaccessible. The partner that’s all but disappeared is cause for real concern.

This is a very demeaning and painful situation to be stuck in. She has practically eliminated you from her life. Even though you haven’t officially separated, you’re pretty much there already.

3.) Does it seem as though your very existence displeases her? Has her standards gone through the roof and she’s always criticizing you about something? This means she’s looking for excuses to leave and give you the blame for the breakup because you’re not good enough.

4.) Notice any subtle changes in how the friends and family of your partner relate to you? Have they become more distant and seem uncomfortable around you? They’re probably talking about your relationship among themselves and are siding with your partner.

5.) Is the affection and love that you give her not returned with equal enthusiasm. When you increase your contact with her, does she pull away from you? If this is your situation, a break up is in your future if nothing is done to fix the relationship.

6.) Has she lost enthusiasm for the favorite activities that you always did together? Perhaps she desires to do them alone or with a ‘friend’. This signal is a warning of very deep problems.

Again, you must exercise some caution here. Use these tips if you already have a bad feeling about where your relationship is going. People have their quirks of behavior. Keep in mind that we’re talking about a behavior change that isn’t normal for her.

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