Romance on a Budget

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So let me just throw a shout out there to all the Crazy Guys who get caught up in the moment with the right girl, and perhaps go just a little bit overboard with wanting to spoil/shower their loved one with expensive gifts and fantastic pleasures. Yeah bro. No doubt you want to impress her, treat her and romance her to a world of riches and goodness. But let’s be honest. Unless you’re made from money, that type of treatment can only last so long…and you need to start getting creative. Quick.

Getting creative is an opportunity to shine and open up your world to your loved one. But even the most creative minds have difficulty crafting the ultimate romantic getaway on the cheap. This is where we are going to help out and hook you up with some crowd favorites. (And no worries…we totally expect you to steal and adopt these ideas.)

Gentlemen, pay close attention. Don’t just read the bold-faced bullet points. It’s all about the delivery and details.

Shadiah’s Crazy Girl Favorites:

  • Go on a Picnic – What better way to delight a Crazy Girl than to whisper sweet nothings into her ear, kiss her, and feed her grapes over a blanket on a sweet, summer day? Crazy Girls love the romance and spontaneity of a simple getaway to the local park or beach. And best of all for the money-conscious Crazy Guy, you could probably get away with throwing a very respectable picnic party for around $15 and one trip to the nearest Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. (Crazy Girl tip: If at a park picnic, remember to find the most secluded spot – otherwise, keep the kisses and embraces at a PG rating!)
  • Get Active – My Crazy Guy and I love staying fit – so we combine forces! Not only are we in better spirits afterward (exercise increases feel-good endorphins) but we stay nice and trim for each other. If you both have competitive streaks, don’t be afraid to use it to your benefit and keep things interesting and fun! Also, take advantage of your local environment. If you live in New England, take a hike, rent a canoe or get on a mountain bike. If you live in Southern California, roller-skate on the boardwalk or go swimming at the beach.
  • Give her a Small but Thoughtful Gift – Some Crazy Guys rely heavily on gifts to show their love, but remember that most Crazy Girls (at least the considerate ones) do not expect you to bring them back rare stones, a Coach bag or a Benz every Wednesday. Show her you’re keeping her close to your thoughts and heart by giving her small tokens of affection. While receiving flowers at work is fantastic, doing so every week would break the bank. Flowers from the supermarket will make her swoon just as deeply as the 1-800-Flowers variety.

Rob’s Crazy Guy Favorites:

  • Teach Each Other Something New – Let’s face it, sharing your special talent(s) and skills with your loved one is a turn on–for both you and your lover. I mean, who doesn’t like to show off a little? Well, this is your opportunity to show off while scoring big points. Whether it is something simple and useful like how to change a tire, or more involved like tennis or yoga lessons, teaching your love something new will deepen your connection.
  • Cook a Meal Together – Okay, hotshot. Not every meal you share with your loved one needs to be an extravagant affair. Taking the time off from restaurant life and being waited on can actually turn into a more intimate experience. So next time you get a craving for Mexican, propose to pick up the ingredients and do the prep work for your Crazy Girl and have her whip you up some of her famous enchiladas!

An All-Around Crowd Pleaser:

  • Get Intimate – One of the best ways to forget your hunger or your urge to spend? Step One: retrieve massage oil. Step Two: run said massage oil over her back and watch her melt over how considerate and giving you are.

With the right girl, it is easy to get carried away and go over the top to impress.  Admit it. You know you do it (I know I do it). Sometimes you’ve just got to take a step back and think about whether all your generosity is really creating a relationship of trust and love, or some made up fantasy that only exists in Imagination Land. And if that is the case, buddy – well, you are on the fast track to Implosion. Just remember, you don’t need a pocket full of bling – Crazy Guys have more than enough Crazy to fill their Crazy Girls’ hearts.

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