On Auras and Countenance

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Having a friend tell you that you have this sad air around you that’s so thick that he can stand being around you is no picnic. Hearing you rant and vent about a loss or betrayal has become a constant dread. Discerning a negative and lonely aura coming from you has turned into an appalling attribute. Your countenance reflects a defeated individual, seemingly foolish and pathetic. Harsh but true.

Though you can find poetry in a broken heart, it, sometimes, isn’t healthy to dwell on them. It’s true that you’re allowed to mourn for your loss but to go at it constantly and consistently? Do you really have to tell everyone that your loss has hardened your heart? That an intelligent showing of coping is to express it in poetic alliterations? That being alone and going into a dating hiatus is an act of strength and independence? Will you truly and I mean truly find the answers to your burning questions?

Dear, you will fall in love again one way or the other.

So, I implore you to cease with all the emo outbursts or the lackluster effort of concealing your emotional turmoil. A sad heart will never attract anyone. If you continue to exhibit a baggage, you might as well put a sign on your forehead that says “Occupied”. This will simple turn prospects off. No, they won’t find your “poetry” appealing nor attractive. Why? Because this so-called poetry pertain to someone else AND most don’t really like to be emotional janitors.

You have got to learn how to be happy on your own. This means no ranting about some guy or girl who may have broken your heart, intentionally or not. This means you don’t claim to “hate men” but know deep in your heart that you simply wish to find “the one”. This means you are indeed happy with who you are and what you’ve become, believing that you’re someone’s “the one”. Give yourself a little more credit.



















So, please. Mind your aura and countenance. They do tell if you’re emotionally stable, ready and available.

Just my two cents.

Online Dating Scams

I came across an article that talked about online dating scams. I reckon with all the excitement of “meeting” someone via a dating website or through an online personal ad, you’re just about raring to fall deeply in love. He or she after all come with an intention to win you over.

However, it’s a sad fact that there are people out there who are out to take advantage of a lonely heart for whatever reason. This article gives us tips on how to distinguish and prevent such scams. Here’s a brief look.

Declarations of Love after only a few emails.
They Are Out-of-Country
They Dodge Personal Questions
Look For Inconsistencies In Their Story
Bad Grammar and Spelling
Lackluster Photographs
Lack of Local Knowledge
They Have No Family

If you want to learn more on these hints and tips, I suggest you read: Tips To Help You Spot And Avoid Online Dating Scams.

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