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Seriously guys, don’t be afraid to step up and be a gentleman: knowing when to to act and how to act as needed and respectfully. Don’t be lazy or we turn into badass women because we had to learn to look after ourselves. No knight or calvary showed up. So offer help, be our friend and give us a shoulder to lean on once in a while. Being a badass bitch is really tiring in the long run. Imagine all the strength we can offer you in return when you need help or cheering up.

As a very independent female myself, I get that I can be intimidating. I lived alone and looked after myself, I grew up on a ranch and know how to fix most things. I think, from the girls side, we need to remember that it’s okay not to always be strong too. I have a hard time not being good at stuff, but admitting that he’s better at something is good for a relationship. Also, if that jar is a little tough to open, maybe don’t crack your knuckles and get it done, maybe pass it over to him. I promise it’ll make him feel more manly. (and who actually likes opening their own jars?)

I don’t think men should be intimidated by a strong woman. Most of these badass women are just afraid of being hurt. If you can break through that barrier and gain her trust you just might find her to be one of the sweetest girls you’ve ever met.

As for guys, they should always be looking for signs to make their move in her eyes, the way she talks to you and touches you. Women shouldn’t be so shy to show those signs either. Makes it easier for everyone involved and can lead to more hair pulling hot moments.

Love your blog and writing.

Keep it up.

Thanks for the great comment George. You are exactly right, the art of seduction has been all but lost in the quest for sex. The don’t have to be mutually exclusive. And when both people are showing clear intentions of interest, it truly is a win/win situation.

And here we have an example of the male equivalent of the mother-whore dichotomy. Consider the ramifications of the advice provided. There indeed are many women who crave this type of interaction. But how many will be convinced that this is what they want, while struggling internally with their own self-image. This course of action may well indicate that the man IS a risk-taker: a fun date (probably an even more fun lay), but ultimately incapable of providing the sense of security and stability so often sought in a long-term relationship. In essence, if a man uses this technique, he is setting himself up to fail with many women by introducing doubt, even though it may be exactly what they both want at the moment. This is the type of attitude promoted as gender equality when it is really causing the schism that exists between woman and man. Too many men have an inflated sense of self, which may be alluring in the moment, but fade gradually and over-time, contributing to higher divorce rates and the stereotyped labels of “narcissist” and “borderline”, which have emerged as all too common gender roles in modern society.

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