My Only Shot Was a 5 That I Passed On Years Ago.

November 12, 2021 by No Comments

I hit the mall yesterday to day game.   Most girls at the mall seemed kind of young – like high school young, which reminded me of a funny story that happened a few years ago when I was at a mall and I approached a chick, who literally started crying and said “I’m too young, I’m only 14, my mother would never let me talk to you” – oddest thing ever – I mean she started crying.  Needless to say I didn’t know how to react, I tried to quickly console her and then just get the hell away from her.

Anyway, fast forward to the now.  Last night at the mall, I approached a cute chick I saw (HB7), she didn’t show too much interest, but she did respond and talk to me, so we had a short conversation before she said she had to go get her sister.  I let her walk away without even trying to number close – It didn’t really seem like it was there.

Later on, I went out – downtown was pretty packed.  I pregamed with a couple of cheap, high alcohol content, shitty beers and then went out – got out a little later than I wanted too, but I had to take a quick opportunity to make some money – so, that’s a good excuse as any for getting out later than planned.   So, I’m kinda buzzed when I get down there, and I decide to stop in this one bar and buy a beer – just to keep the buzz going a little bit and I post up across from the bar and holla at chicks that walk through my path – I get a couple short conversations and a few smiles, but nothing really worth anything, so I decide to move around.  Downtown is packed, I keep expecting to see people I know – and I see a few but most of them looked pretty wasted.  Then one my boys texts me and tells me he’s at a bar down the street, so I decide to go over there and see what he’s up to.

I get there and he’s chilling at a table with some other guy I work with but have never met before, some chick (HB7) and a pitcher of beer – which I gladly help them finish.  I introduce myself to the chick first then the guy that works with me – I tried to be blatant and intentional by doing that.  I pull up a chair next to the chick and spend the next 20 minutes talking to the whole group but really trying to figure out if the chick is there with the dude I don’t really know or what.  It takes me awhile but eventually I come to the conclusion that they went to college together and now happen to work in the same city, but are basically just friends.  So, I decide to talk to her more and engage her, which leaves my two coworkers to talk to each other.  Seems to be going well, can’t really gage her interest, but she seems cool and new to the city, so I could have a shot.   Well, 2AM rolls around and bar’s closing.  As we’re walking out and my friend’s closing his tab I decide now’s a good time to take a piss since every place is closing and if I wait 10 minutes I’ll probably have to piss in an alley way next to the dumbster.  I come out of the restroom and the group I was just with is nowhere to be seen.  I text my friend he writes me back saying “oh we didn’t see you, we thought you burnt out, so we all just left”.    Dang, I didn’t get to even try to number close the girl or see where her interest was.  Oh well, I start walking to my car.

Then, I stop and realize why am I walking to my car?  Just because all the bars have closed doesn’t mean everybody has gone home yet.  I decide to walk around.  I don’t really see any sets of girls to open anywhere, but then I run into an old coworker from the job I just got laid off from.  She tells me she’s sorry about what happened, I tell her not to worry about it and then ask her for her number so we can catch up later – she’s an 8.5 on my scale by the way.  She gives me her number, we hug, I move around.  I walk around some more – see nothing but a bunch of thug dudes hanging around in the street and realize any sets worth approaching have definitely all left by now as it’s after 3AM and everything as been closed for an hour.  I decide it’s time to go home, then while walking back to my car, I notice some chicks walking behind me, one of them looks pretty cute for sure, the other one I can’t see, oh, shit I know them.  I try to slow up so they can catch up to me, they do when we reach a corner.  They see me and hug me and we chat it up for a bit.  One of them is an 8, the other one, honestly is like a 5 – she’s a butterface though – body is cool, but face is not at all.  I know she likes me – always has.  The other girl is an 8, I know her from college, but I don’t know her well – never had a class with her or anything but met her at a basketball game one year and sent her a facebook message the next day telling her I thought she was beautiful – she never responded – this was years ago, but it’s the only memory I have of her.  Here’s my dilemma – go after the 5 who could be a sure thing if I show a little interest or try to get the 8 again even though she pretty much facebook rejected me years ago?  I realize I don’t have to decide that yet and I keep walking with them, arms around both of them – I’m looking like a pimp, lol.  They park closer than me, so they give me a ride to my car.  I go for the 5 – “what we getting into now?  we going back to your house to drink some beer, some wine?”  Her: “No, I work in the morning, so I have to go to bed.”   I give her my number, get in my car and drive off.

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