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There are men who study seduction that are just lost. They have stagnated or aren’t seeing any kind of real success. This sets men up to either fail, or enter into a relationship from a point of weakness, because he knows that he had to approach hundreds, if not thousands, of mature women in order to find that girlfriend. As a result, he comes off as needy, and is into his girlfriend more than she is into him. Here is my dating gameplan for newbies:

Decide Who You Want To Be

Do you want to be a hipster, thug, rocker, douchebag, classy guy, goth guy, or American boy? Whatever you do, decide who you want to be and model everything you do after that type of guy. Each group of men have girls that go crazy for those types of guys. There are too many of you who just walk around buying random clothes because they look nice, and as a result, you don’t really have an image that caters to a specific type of girl. The very first thing that you need to do is pick the type of guy that you want to be, and model your clothing and mannerisms after that type.

Decide On A Style Of Dating game

Do not keep gaming and going in every direction. Pick a style of dating game and stick to it. If you’re doing direct dating game, then don’t try to be indirect at the same time. If you’re doing NLP, then don’t try to do asshole dating game at the same time. Can these styles be mixed? Yes. But the reason why most of you aren’t progressing is because you’re too busy trying to do everything at once and using every seduction product out there at the same time. Do you know what I have on my hard drive? Seven guides, all of which I wrote.

Find One Good Wingman

You don’t need a million wingmen. All you need is one good looking wingman. Get a gym membership together (or buy a weight set together if you’re roommates), and motivate each other to go work out 3 days a week. You guys need to be critical of each other, point out each others flaws, work together, and motivate each other. It is a lot easier to be successful when you have someone around that has similar goals as yourself. That, and friendly competition tends to help you progress a lot faster.

Spend More Time On Self Improvement

Dating game shouldn’t be what you spend the majority of your time improving. You should spend most of your time in the gym, getting your fashion sense together, and talking to anyone that you come across who is willing to have a conversation with you. If you ever decide to leave the seduction community or to not be a player anymore, your body, the way you dress, and your conversation skills will transfer over to other aspects of your life very well. You’ll also find that once you have most of those other areas down, you won’t need to spend as much time on dating game, as you will just naturally attract mature women to you.

Dedicate One Day To Your Friends

If you’re going to go out picking up mature women twice a week, then spend at least one day building and maintaining your social circle. This is just as important as picking up mature women. With a healthy social circle, you’ll always have access to mature women should you get into a relationship and break up. This helps eliminate the neediness that a lot of PUA’s feel when they are on a bad streak or into one girl. Having a healthy social life outside of mature women helps to eliminate some of that neediness.

Delete Your Porn

Jerking off drains energy, which can hinder your attempts to be productive, especially in the gym. It’s OK every once in awhile, as long as it isn’t frequent. Also, if you’re going to jerk off every once in awhile, then don’t focus on getting a nut off. Instead, focus on holding it back for as long as you possibly can. What does this mean? Don’t focus on the pleasure of it. When you jerk off every once in awhile, it is perfect, because you’ll be highly sensitive. Learn to master your sensitivity to sexual stimulation and you’ll be prepared to last in any random sexual encounter, no matter how horny you are.

Evaluate Yourself Once A Week

Each and every week, you need to think about your progress. Don’t go out gaming just to dating game. Each week, you need to decide on something that you want to work on. For instance, maybe you are getting phone numbers and every one is flaking. Don’t sit there and keep using the same strategy, hoping that this time the girl will go out on a date with you. Instead, reevaluate your strategy and try something different.


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