Life’s Guidebook

June 8, 2021 by No Comments

It is funny how you believe everything is fine and deep inside you understand nothing is.
It is funny how you trust your own decisions and at the same time you doubt them every day.
It is funny how you expect things to go one way because you know this is right.

And it is funny that what is right for you in no way right for someone else.
There are no stereotypes, clichés of how to deal with a certain situations. You don’t have a guidebook for each and everything. It would be much simpler if you had such a book handy.

Fight with a friend, page twenty six
1. Fight your ego
2. Talk to them
3. Clear it out
4. Tell them you care
5. Tell them you are sorry
6. Hug each other crying tears of happiness

Work stress, page sixty seven
1. Kick your boss
2. Kick your boss again
3. Curse him in chat with someone who cares
4. Open Facebook, put “I hate my boss” as status message
5. Enjoy comments on your status message
6. Play Farmville
7. Done with harvesting? Go home.

Break up, pages thirteen to twenty one
1. Eat a lot of chocolates.
2. Eat even more chocolates.
3. Distract yourself with something
4. Something from point 3 can be Facebook
5. Play Farmville
6. Don’t call them up.
7. Move on with your life, you deserve better etc

I bet this book would be a bestseller. It is just that it is impossible to write instructions, it is impossible to tell people what to do, where to go, who to talk to.
We won’t take them.
We won’t believe them.
We won’t be able to apply them to our situations.

Because we believe we are unique and we know better. Heck, we don’t. And we are not. It is all the same. You go out there and you make mistakes. You fight with people you love. You put your ego above everything. You hate some and you care about others. And your mistakes cost you a lot. Sometimes more than you can handle. More than you believed it would. More than you hoped. More than you wanted. That is where you realize that more is actually less.

It should be
More mistakes = more experience = more sense = better future

Instead it is
More mistakes = more experience = more sense = people lost and feelings hurt.

The more mistakes you make the more people you hurt. And then you are left with nothing but regrets and what if’s.

It is funny how you believe you are doing the right thing and deep inside you know you are not.
And you won’t do anything about it… not until it is too late…

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