It’s Not Enough To Demonstrate Value

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You may well have heard of ‘demonstrating value’ in the context of meeting and attracting women. Indeed, it is an important concept (and don’t worry, I’ll recap here if you need), but on it’s own just to demonstrate value is an incomplete method for igniting passionate attraction in the women you are interacting with.

What you also want to be doing is: Giving Value. This is such an effective value to display. Now this may be a new concept to you, don’t worry it will be fully explained (with examples) in this article.

First though, let’s recap demonstrating value…

The concept of social value is a crucial one to understand, not only in male-female interactions, but also in life in general. Doing so can not only get you a girlfriend and help your relationships skills, but may get you a promotion; get you into a club for free; avoid a fight; and many other benefits.

Know this: everyone on Earth, whether they are aware of it or not, has an intrinsic social value. And we as humans pick up on this (often mostly subconsciously – ie we do so without even realising).

Higher value people are more desirable (people want to be their friends, want to have children with them, etc). Traditional examples of high value people are: CEOs of big companies, rockstars, actors, athletes, & so on.

Now in order to be attractive to women, you have to be a high value individual. Normally people only associate value with your employment (see above) but this doesn’t have to be the case. This is where demonstrating higher value comes in.

If you do something that proves you are high value, then you must have high value, right?

So, for example, looking after the people around you is a way to demonstrate high value. You do this, you have high value, get it?

And by having high value, you are more attractive to the hot women you want to be with.

Makes sense.

But the buck doesn’t stop there. You can take this whole ‘Value’ concept one step further.

In addition to demonstrating that you are a high value man, you can also ‘give value’ to people. Do this, and you will turn the attraction dial all the way to 11.

So what the hell does ‘giving value’ mean then?

There are two forms, one right and one that will actually decrease attraction. Most men get it dead wrong.

They are: tangible & intangible.

Tangible value is ‘real stuff’ like cars, houses, jewelry, flowers, etc.

Intangible value is stuff that is not a real thing that you can touch or hold. Examples like this would be: advice, wisdom, expertise, etc.

Most guys focus on tangible value. This is a trap. Intangible value giving is where it’s at.

Example time: In the course of a normal conversation it comes up that the girl you are talking to is interested in becomming a writer. You just happen to have an aunt that has had a couple of books published. You put the two in contact.

Boom, you just gave the girl a huge amount of value by helping her reach a personal goal.

Be careful though, as powerful as giving value is for building attraction, if taken too far it can backfire.

Give your time or advice too frivolously, and you cheapen it, and can actually reduce your perceived value.

As a guide, ask yourself the following: “Would I do what I’m about to do if it was for a guy friend, rather than an attractive woman?”

This will help you judge if you are crossing the line and giving too much of yourself, too much value.

If you’ve got an example of giving value, or a question about what I’ve covered above, then go ahead and make a comment below. I read and answer them all personally, so get commenting.

Most importantly though, next time you are talking to a woman, think how you can add some value to her life, and see what kind of reactions you get. Don’t just demonstrate value, give value.

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