It is a material and online world

June 15, 2021 by No Comments

We cruise, date, shop and even dig up dirt on perspective dates on the internet. Gays seem to love the internet according to a recent survey gay, lesbian and bi people spend a lot more time online than their fellow hetro brothers and sisters.

Research group Harris Interactive surveyed around 2,500 gay and lesbian American adults at the end of last year and they found that online social networking sites (gaydar, manhunt, top the list, followed by YouTube and personal blogs.

27% of gays said that they went to YouTube about an hour or less a week, compared with 22% of straight people. 20% engaged with online communities and personals, compared to 13% of straights.

Gays also spend more hours online in total….could be all that time cruising online for sex and dates! According to the survey, apart from email, nearly twice as many gays and lesbians are online more than straight people – 32% gay people spent up to spending between 24 and 168 hours online per week, compared with 18% straight people.

Apparently 24% of gays and lesbians visit personal blogs regularly (which is a great thing I think!), compared to 12% from the straight world, with one in three gay adults going to their favourite blog daily.

This is probably not news to anyone reading this entry. I probably spend about five hours of the day online…researching topics and mindless facts, like the fact that the Netherlands have the tallest men in the world!

Many are now using the internet to find love and even check out the dirt on potential online dates before they ever meet up. Everyone now a days is googling their dates. You can sometimes find some pretty amazing things about potential internet dates, perhaps uncover a criminal post, a fetish or porn star status!


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