How to Make First Dates Normal and Stress-Free

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No need to freak out about going on a first date… Follow these simple guidelines to eliminate most of the unnecessary pressures that plagues guys who aren’t experienced in going on lots of first dates yet.

Feeling Pressure On That First Date?

What’s that?! It’s a first date?! The beginning and the end… The alpha and the omega. What’s gonna happen?! Feel that PRESSURE?!

First dates are dramatic stuff, right? There are whole movies made about that one subject. Some guys get really caught up in all the pressure and hype surrounding first dates…

Because it’s so important and reflects highly on our very existence, right?!?!

Actually, no. First dates are pretty simple when you know what you’re doing… They’re pretty much a part of any single man’s dating life. We just go on them regularly.

So how do we wring out all the emotional charge from first dates so that they become simple a natural and routine part of our lives?

Meet More Women…

There’s a simple axiom upon which all the dating advice we give here rests upon: No man has ever dated more women than he’s met.

To get lots of experience with dating, to enjoy a wild life of fun with women or ultimately to find a really Amazing woman, you have to meet more women.

A lot of women – more women than most guys meet in their entire lives. So, once we’ve got the whole meeting women thing down, we can roll lots of first dates.

…Get More Chances To Practice First Dates

Here’s a handful of guidelines for those first dates:

Short and simple is best. We like short dates in inexpensive cafes – we call them TLCDs (time limited coffee dates).

For guys that insist on doing something other than short coffee dates, we offer this word of warning: don’t.

Let’s face it – on a first date, most guys and gals are barely a step above strangers. Going to dinner and a movie with a random stranger aspires only to an epic fail. Not to say all dinner / movie first dates are massively epic fails on the man’s part… Because if she’s really into the guy, she’ll bust out her A-Game and simply be happy to be with him.

Problem is it’s not always easy to spot the ones who are interested right from the get-go. Also, we want to screen for women who got more going on for them in addition to their good looks – one question to always ask yourself whenever dating a woman is, “Is she part of the crew? Or is she part of the cargo?” Cargo girls are a dime a dozen. Toss ‘em and keep looking for a really Great One who works to please from the very first date on.

Keep it inexpensive. Many reasons, but first and foremost there’s the very realistic possibility that you’ll never see her again. You might not hit it off with her. She may not be all that into you, but for some reason is willing to accept the date. People (both men and women) who are on the fence about whether they’re into their date or not may accept the invitation to go out just because it beats hanging out at home and watching TV re-runs.

It isn’t good, it isn’t bad, it’s simply the reality of dating culture – acknowledge it, and you can recognize it when you see it, saving yourself time, money and stress.

The First Date Is Over… Now What?

Did it not go so well?

You might to consider getting up, getting out and going to meet more women as soon as possible… And as frequently as possible. You can watch a free video all about getting lots of experience with lots of women.

Did the date go well?

You might want check out some of our other blog posts about how to handle subsequent dates. Likewise, if you any questions, you can leave them in the comment blog below and one of the trainers from DateMasters will personally respond to it.

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