How to Get Laid On a Night Out

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Getting laid when going out to bars and clubs, is definitely what every man hopes to get. The girls dress so sexy, and the alcohol does its job.

However, for 98% of men, the night would end will finish with a disappointment. By the way, it will also disappoint many of the girls – who secretly hope that “something will happen”.

In this post I would like to explain what are the main dynamics that take place in night venues, and what you can do to increase your chances to get laid – almost every night you go out. If you don’t succeed, you will at least have enough phone numbers of girls that you can date later on.

The More Girls You Approach – The Higher Are Your Chances

The biggest mistake most men make, is to get attached to a specific girl in the bar. Now, what if she has a boyfriend? What if she won’t be interested? Why if she had a terrible day and she doesn’t want to think of any men?

If you want to get laid – never get locked on a certain girl – you will need to approach and talk to many chicks during the night, and find one that you like and want to have sex with – and who also likes you and wants the same thing.

In fact, the problem with locking one girl is even worse – because eventually you feel nervous and afraid to “do something wrong” – that you don’t even approach!

Anyway – the first key to getting laid in a night club is simple – you need to approach more women.

Get the Idea – Women Want Sex

Women love and enjoy sex, at least as much as men do. Every man who has experience with women knows it, and even scientific researches prove that too.

However, women feel certain fear and resistance, of having casual sex – a woman’s worst fear is to be seen as a slut.

So a woman, even if she’s totally horny and wants to have sex on the same night, will have this conflict of “what will my friends think of me?” – and if you suggest her to sleep with you, her answer is pretty predictable – “No!”, sometimes followed with a slap on the face (not really)

What can you do about? Simple – never be direct about having sex with her. You should get her like you and feel attracted. You should kiss her. You should take her to your place. You should get her horny. Never ask her “do you want to have sex?” – Never mention anything about sex.

Being Most Attractive Guy in the Club

A masculine quality that women are deeply attracted to in men, is the quality of the social leader – a man who knows how to talk to people, who knows how to socialize.

If you go back thousands of years ago – throughout the human history, a woman’s best mate would be the tribal leader – and later on it was the king.

Ever since, even if we leave in a different society, women are attracted to such men.

In a night club, you can easily because the modern king. You can show women that you are a guy who is great with socializing – the most attractive guy in the club.

How do you do this? Be social. The fact a girl sees you talking with several women during the night is actually good. If she sees you around women, it’s another great quality of a masculine man.

However, don’t limit yourself to women that you try to pick-up – talk to other guys, talk to the staff of the club, talk to girls that your aren’t interested in.

The secret to being a social guy in a club – is getting used to talking to everybody.

Will this affect a woman’s attraction towards you? Definitely! First, because you will be great at talking and holding a conversation. But also because women notice – the see that there is a guy who knows everyone in the club – who talks to men, women, who knows the staff.

And that guy can be you – easier than you can imagine. So be social and get laid.

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