Girls, I do adore

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In the bedroom, on facebook, looking at some of the girls I’ve fucked. Lost a lot of them because of this blog. One of them, wonder what she’s up to. She use to come over every night, around 2-3AM, and suck my dick. Loved doing it. Lost her around the 10th blog posting. She thought we had something. Who’s in the front room? I go out there. Jessica is coming over? I fly in the shower and get dressed. Guess I’m going out tonight.

She arrives. Wassup baby? You make a nigga wanna settle down, commit to just one girl…

Jessica: “Assanova, you’re a whore.”

Me? A whore? No way. Wait, now that I think about it, she has been with me on numerous occasions when I have fucked random girls, made out with random girls, and hit on random girls…

Jessica: “You forget that I know you and how you are.”

Who is your friend? Am I not good enough to be introduced!?!

Jessica; “You already met her awhile back.”

Have I fucked her? No? Well, she’s new to me. My name is Assanova. I don’t even remember the names of the last two girls that I fucked, or the number of women I’ve been with, so don’t ask. A phone call. I go outside and lay my mack down…

Mona: “Do your friends know about us!?!”

Me: “Huh? Chill the fuck out.”

Mona: “Answer the question!”

Me: “It’s none of their business. You know how I am.”

Mona: “I don’t care. You’re on campus fucking around and I know it!”

Me: “You know what you mean to me. Relax and let me talk.”

Mona: “You’re not the same guy, the same guy I met, Assanova. You use to be nice, now you’re just a dick.”

Me: “How so? Give me an example.”

Mona: “You just say stupid shit.”

Me: “Like?”

Mona: “Like you’re going to stick your dick in my ear.”

Me: “Chill out. Are you serious?”

I let her finish yelling at me…

Me: “These other girls, you know they don’t matter to me. Just sex, nothing more. You wanna be with me, then you need to act like it. I call you, and you don’t pick up. You know me, if a girl doesn’t pick up, I don’t bother calling back, but I call you back. You’re good to me, and I wanna be good to you. We’ll hook up this Sunday. I’ll call you around one o’clock. Alright.”

Mona: “I love you. You’ll see, I’ll show you.”

Me: “That’s wassup, peace.”

One of the girls on the side. Met her before the last girlfriend. She knew me when I was nice, before all of this mack shit. Very beautiful woman. Italian, long hair, under 120lbs. I go back upstairs. Jessica is going to go get beer with one of the neighbors…

Me: “Take care of her, man….cause Imma take care of her later.”

Jessica: “SHUT UP, ASSANOVA! I knew you before all of that Mr. Pimp Shit stuff! That asshole stuff may work on your other girls, but it will not work on me!”

And I slam the door. I love fucking with her head. By now, she should know that I’m not going to try to fuck her. She’s been in my bed, and so have other girls, and I haven’t tried a single thing. Just not attracted to them in that way, but I love fucking with her because I love that attitude of hers. We head to Ugly Tuna. I catch a girl looking at me…

Me: “Wassup!?”

She smiles and shrugs her shoulders. I mimic her. She laughs…

Me: “Come here.” (And I signal with my index finger)

She gets up and walks over. I am so going to fuck her. Damn, I make this shit look so easy. Two Goodyear blimps. No, wait, it’s just Jessica. She cuts off the girl and probably doesn’t realize it. I’m going to fucking kill her. Give me that fishbowl(a drink with 151 in it)! And this is the part where I black out.

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