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Imagine if you will that a 26 year old just graduated with a masters or if he’s a little bit older a PhD from Harvard Business School. His first few days at his new shiny job he keeps his head down and works on ways to reinvent the company and take it to the next level. He does research, trend analysis, goes over the company’s financials and past performances, looks up what industry leaders are doing and finally prints out the spread sheets and puts together a pretty little slide show presentation. He walks into his bosses office, and ask for a little bit of his time. Now this program manager is one of those old school white ex military old timers. He’s crotchety tough 70 year old with matching white hair and pubes. The kind of gold guy that walks around butt naked in the mens changing room in the gym solely because he’s earned the right to based on the fact that he killed a man with his bare hands in Vietnam or maybe Korea who the fuck knows. The project manager who’s billable to the client at something like $200 bucks an hour or more, sits there and listens to Harvard put on his little song and dance show and watches as Harvard’s eyes grow with pride. Finally at the end, when Harvard is finished and awaits feedback the old project manager doesn’t say anything, he throws the spreadsheets on the floor, gets up from around his desk , comes around pulls down his pants and takes a giant shit on Harvard’s important documents. While doing so he looks Harvard dead in the eye and says, “Son this is the fucking real world, you can take all your fancy fagot analysis and shove em up your ass, You aint working with numbers anymore you working with people. By now you know my bill rate, and should know my time is money”

I look around at other blogs as I often do, as someone who’s been around blogging for a little bit and find that there are a lot of these “Academic” toned game blogs. A lot of these new blogs that do nothing but spout game/ life theory. You read one post and it’s throwing statistical data at you, this scientific research, the latest census data, someone kid’s 8th grade paper all wrapped together to draw a conclusion to support a theory. Shit’s like reading a fucking college thesis at best at worst it’s an AIDS quilt of ideas. Now don’t get me wrong anyone has the right to write about whatever they want that’s fine. But two things new guys and rookies (the group I worry about the most) to game should know when it comes to these blogs. 1. Theory never takes the place of credentials and 2. Theory does not get you laid.

We can go back and forth all day about the meaning of life or religion or race but at the end will that put your penis inside of a vagina? on top of that you’re going to take game advice from a very well educated nerd who spends his whole time writing blogs posts on society then trying to pass it back as game? Now don’t get me wrong a lot of game blogs will often pontificate on social issues and what they notice… WHILE OUT IN THE FIELD! I do it all the time, try to get a little deep and figure out truths and meanings. But don’t get it twisted, check my fresh, you can look back in the archives and find me in the streets doing work. Real game blogs the authors have post about approaches, success, failures. Data sheets, in field reports, you name it. If you watch guys who post youtube videos of them picking up girls and for the sake of argument the video’s aren’t fake then that guys doing real work. Even if he only successfully approaches one or two girls on camera please believe that dude may have been rejected by at least ten to fifteen. But hey that guy had done and earned the fucking right to write about game more than the smartest and best researched academic social blogs.

Don’t even get me started on some of you reading and getting advice from female game blogs ran by some middle aged chick with a bowl haircut. Really? REALLY!!!

My boy Roosh has been in the streets so long moutherfucker is a global citizen. It’s do or die for him so you already know if he talked it he’s experienced it himself, he lived it. The type of dude that will die of a heart attack balls deep in something tight and half his age but with a smile on his face, the sweetest death possible. Meanwhile some dudes are old and find game at an older age (and let me flat out say there’s nothing wrong with that). But you always imagine or think what could have been if they started in their 20’s and 30’s. True a lot of them are still doing god’s work, shout out to The Private Man who writes about game and actually practices it. But others have gone from practice to all theory and academic. Using the foundation for their theories on memory and observing current events from the outside. But as anyone knows game doesn’t work like that. What was hot last year aint hot right now. Some people get into relationships and haven’t really been aggressively approaching anything fresh, ask them where the new hot spot all the ladies have started visiting they can’t tell you cause they aint been there. What’s that new sushi spot girls are going for dinner and drinks, they don’t know. Look at their track record and when was the last time they wrote about themselves actually picking up women? Everyone knows someone like this, all these ideas about the world and women, then you get them out in public. After doing a little catching up that time of night comes when it’s time to do work. You start pointing out sets of attractive girls. He has an excuse as to why not to approach them.

In the end when it comes down to it and if I have a choice of wingmen to choose from I want someone who’s taken the hits in the real world. You guys can have all the dudes with the researched Game Theory Degrees, I’ll take the wolves. As Riley Freeman of the Boondocks once said, “Real recognize real granddad and right now you looking unfamiliar”

*Special exception to guys who are married.


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