Funny Conversation Starters

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There are hundreds of different methods and ways to start a conversation with women. Many of them, I discuss in my posts and in the guide.

In this post, I would like to introduce you to what I call “Funny Conversation Starters”. It means that from the moment you approach, you begin with a very humorous vibe, and this kind of starters is ideal for night life: bars and clubs.

What is great about them, is that they are very indirect – you will make women laugh and also feel comfortable to talk with you.

“I am in love with your friend” Starter

The first kind of starter works great on a group of girls. The game here is to approach a girl, and tell her that you are “in love” with one of her friends. You can continue by telling that you can’t live without the girl, or even want to marry her.

This can continue a whole conversation about the girl you are in love with.

Because we said this is a funny conversation starter, you don’t really need to even like the girl you are talking about. You can even choose some random girl in the club and talk about her. The point here is that this kind of starter is very indirect (towards the girl you approach), so you can develop great conversations. You can later admit that you are not that in love.

“This guy over there has a great butt” Starter

Another funny way to open a conversation with girls is to comment about some guy’s body. It’s very indirect, and might even create the assumption that you are gay. This is great because women will love to talk about guys in the club, and you will have your chance to show your attractive sides.

Just don’t forget to tell her you are not really gay, right?

“You have a great body, but I’m a virgin” Starter

This used to be one of my favorite starters. You begin by a comment that sounds like showing interest, and then you move to showing disinterest.

Another example: “I simply can’t take my eyes away from you, but I already have a girlfriend”, or “I could totally fall in love with you, but my mother doesn’t allow me to date blond women”.

You get the point? You show interest, then disinterest, and you make the girl totally confused and curious about you.

“I want to introduce you to some guy here” Starter

This is the last funny starter that we will discuss in this post. It begins by showing disinterest: You tell the girl that you want to introduce her to some random guy in the bar.

Tell her why he is just the perfect guy for her. You can actually choose some very ugly man, which is making it even funnier.

Again, this is an opener that makes her comfortable to talk with you, because you are not showing any interest in her.

Go out, try those funny conversation starters, and tell me what were your results.

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