From Craigslist to Commitment: Stories of Love and Marriage

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I understand your desire to keep written/photographic proof of your most manly moments. I get it. I just don’t think it’s worth the drama that your girl will cause when she sees it. You keep old photographs in a box or on a hard drive, so put your dirty memories on a flash drive and toss it in there. Carrying it around all the time sends an entirely different message.

Clean. It. Out.

Oh, Lisa, how you hit the nail on the head here. I cannot tell you how much it turns me on when a man takes charge of a kiss, or in general. There is nothing worse than being asked, “Can I kiss you?” or “Would it be alright to kiss you now?” or even worse “Was that okay for you?” Ugh! I am a pretty upfront person so if I’m into you I will make it clear…thus…yes I want you to kiss me. Asking me shouldn’t be necessary if you have any social skills. Same goes for “Was that okay for you?” I make it known that what you are doing is working for me by my reactions. Stop being a timid pansy and get in there!! Wonderful article.


From a slightly different point of view, that of a woman who has been married for 17 years, the same rules apply, unless you’re fortunate enough to be married to a little temptress who isn’t afraid to take a yank at YOUR hair, and then make you say “thank you, ma’am.”


Congratulations on your first piece @thedudesociety


Wonderful post Lisa or should I call you @randomgirlblog.

I love your honesty. That moment before the first kiss is always difficult to navigate. I agree completely. If too aggressive, you can scare her away. Too timid and she will think you’re not interested. I have found sweet compliments, touching her hand, even gently touching her face while looking into her eyes can help before the kiss. But passionate kisses on her lips and neck can also lead to that hair pulling moment you can describe. I think it all comes down to seduction. Let’s face it. A lot guys these days have forgotten how to seduce a woman. It all starts in with imagination — making her feel desired and wanted in passionate way without coming across as someone only out for one thing — to get laid. She has feel like she is going on a wonderful sexy journey with you whether it ends up right away in the bedroom or not.

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