First Date Conversation Topics

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A first date is probably the most common way to develop a relationship between men and women. Although some people might tell you the opposite, a first date has not “Standard Structure”.

Men tend to have some strong fears related to first dates. Those fears are in many cases based on their past experience, and they are also the reason for lots of stress and anxiety before going out on a date with a girl. In fact, this anxiety is also a reason for the “failure” of many first dates.

Men are afraid of being Boring and not interesting to the girl. For example, strong fear is that she won’t laugh of their jokes. This is based on the fact that many dates resemble a job interview, where he asks her questions and she answers, and etc.

Another very strong fear, is the fear of Running Out Of Things To Say. And this leads to the purpose of this article – First Date Conversation Topics.

First Dates Should Be Fun And Exciting

You can’t get too much “technical” information about a girl on a first date, and she can’t get much information about you either. Therefore, you must understand that after a first date, you are not supposed to know too much information about the girl. What you both need to know after a first date, is whether you have a Good Chemistry together.

Having fun, talking about interesting things, laughing, chatting – That’s how a first date should look like

Therefore, it’s not just the topics; it’s also the way you talk about things, the way you move from one topic to another. And it’s also about the way you listen to her.

You can read more about this in my post about first dates.

First Date Topics

There are specific topics that I totally not recommend to even think about: One a first date, forget about politics, death, your and her past relationships, negative feelings, etc. These can totally ruin your date.

On the contrary, good topics are fun and exciting. Here is just a partial list of good topics for a first date:

–  Parties – going out, picking up girls, music

–  Love (And Falling in love)

–  Positive emotions

–  Relationships –

–  Dating (But not about your past girlfriends!)

–  Drinking

–  Your hobbies

–  People around you in the venue – It’s a great topic, and you can talk about other people in the bar/café/restaurant.

–  Love, dating and relationships are an incredible topic that you can talk for hours about. Women love this issue.

Another great way to choose a topic, is talking about things that really excite you. You see, if there is something that you really like, the way you talk about it will never be boring. You will be able to talk about it for hours. Of course, think of an interesting way to present this topics, but most of such topics are also great.

And at last, of course, talk also about things that interest her.

Questions Are Not Everything

What makes first dates look so much like a job interview, is the excess use of questions and answers. Think about your conversations with friends – Do you only use questions all the time? Of course not!

Therefore, in a first date, remember to use statements, stories, opinions… and questions as well. But questions are not the only form of having a conversation.

The last tip I would like to give you to make your dates successful: don’t forget joking and teasing with the girl. Women, even more than men, love to have fun and some spiciness. You don’t have to be polite and formal all the time – So as we began this post, make it fun and exciting for her (and for yourself).

Enjoy your dates!

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