Eye Contact Attraction

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I constantly asked questions about body language when it comes to being more successful with women. No I believe that researching and studying body language is a pretty good place to start, but if you really want to have a level of success with women but most guys would never ever have I would spend more time studying eye contact and eye contact attraction.

There’s an old saying that says the eyes of the window to the soul now I don’t know if I totally agree with this but after many years in this industry I can assure you that her eyes and her eye movements will tell you much more about her than what her body language will. It’s also important to note that unlike the body language her eyes will never lie.

Now chances are if you saw a girl with her arms crossed you would say shut off, now this may be true but it also may mean she is just cold. Over the years I have known countless guys who have made a decision on whether or not they will approach a woman by her body language, I would say that in 99% of the cases their evaluation of her body language was wrong.

The eyes are very powerful if a beautiful woman looks across at you and makes eye contact with you and you quickly look away subconsciously she will believe that you are not a confident guy, but on the other hand if you make eye contact with her and give her a little smile and she looks away you will find that she is waiting for you to approach her.

Would you believe me if I told you that if a girl is lying her eyes will always go to the same position, what about if I told you that her eyes will always go to the same position when she’s going back to a memory would you believe me then? Well the fact is this is true and has been proven time and time again. This is the reason eye contact and eye contact attraction is something that you not only need to learn this something that you need to be able to master.

If you really want to improve your success with women take some time and do some research on the eye contact attraction and eye movements. I can guarantee you if you spend as much time researching the power of the eyes instead of stupid and lame pickup lines will find yourself dating the women that you have only ever dreamt of.

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