Expats Dating Online Successfully

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Expats dating long-distance over the internet is actually a definite possibility in this day and age. But you need to work at it and not let the flame die out. Even with the support of modern technology, these relationships need more effort than dating face to face.

Expats Dating Tips

Often, a boyfriend or girlfriend is forced to move overseas for work or study, and the situation is thrust upon you and your partner. It may even be because of military service that your partner moves to another location for a time. On the other hand, it might be someone you actually met online and you want to carry on the relationship and take it to the next level. Whatever the case, there are things you can do to make this relationship work.

Let Technology be Your Friend

Don’t shy away from technology if you aren’t comfortable with it. Conference calling, Skype and other video and audio chat tools can keep the connection open, and you can manifest love from afar if you use it for you instead of letting the distance work against you. Email often, and chat whenever you can. Today’s mobile technology will even let you do this on the go, so you don’t necessarily have to wait for free time or the weekend. Text them whenever you think of them; make them feel special because being so far away, they’re sure to appreciate it.

Do Physical Stuff Like You Are Together

Pretend that you’re together in the same room; set up a conference and have a date like a normal one. It can be fun and interesting at the same time and, though you won’t have actual physical contact, virtual reality will kick in once you get into the mood. Schedule an online date, get some food ready and light a candle with the lights dimmed down for best effect. If the ambiance is right, soon you won’t even realize that the person isn’t sitting there right in front of you.

Send Them Flowers or Candy

You can even engage the services of UPS or FedEx and send your date some nice flowers and maybe a box of candy (long-lasting ones, naturally!) In fact, do the old-fashioned things like sending postcards or long letters if you’re serious about taking it to the next level.

Plan to Meet

If you’re sure you’ll find a soulmate in this person, then plan a meeting a few weeks or months down the road. Do whatever it takes to get the relationship to the next stage. You CAN manifest love from a distance but to bring it a full circle, meeting in person is the best thing. If you’re really keen on this person, do it for them as well as yourself. Take the plunge – it’s worse regretting NOT doing something than regretting doing it.

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