Eight Signs Your Backpage Relationship Has Too Much Drama

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In a relationship, drama does not equal excitement. Healthy relationships are stable, and not emotional roller coasters. If there’s too much drama in your relationship, your long term future is in jeopardy. Constant drama is wearing on you, your relationship, and your friends. The sad part is you create the drama. The following are Eight Signs Your Relationship Has Too Much Drama:

1. You’re constantly breaking up and making up. If you don’t have both feet in a relationship, it’s hard to have long term goals together. Breaking up and making up every other week will only weaken your bond. Don’t say it’s over unless you are really ready to be single.
2. You and your partner frequently cry together. To a certain extent, it’s nice to be able to discuss problems with whomever you are dating. However, if the two of tend to create enormous issues out of small problems, you are casting your own problems onto others and creating tension, stress, and anxiety. Only share problems if you think your partner can offer useful advice, sympathy or a solution.
3. Your friends call you a drama queen. Do you frequently give people “the silent treatment” when you are upset? Does the whole world know about your problems? If you act like a hormonal teenager and you’re older than 20 years old, it’s time to start working on your maturity level.
4. You have gotten out of a car en route or kicked out your boyfriend or girlfriend during a fight. If the tension in a relationship gets so bad that you must get out of a moving car, you need to work on controlling your emotions. This is likely an indicator that one of you has a hot temper.
5. The cops have come to your house during an argument, or you’ve been arrested as a result of how you’ve treated your boyfriend or girlfriend. If either you or your boyfriend or girlfriend has had to call the police to resolve a fight, you probably should be analyzing the reasons why you should stay together in the future. Domestic violence is a serious matter, and you don’t want to end up in jail.
6. You and your partner frequently accuse each other of cheating. Set your standards high. Don’t stay with somebody that won’t date you exclusively.
7. You like to gossip. If you and your group of friends like to sit around and talk about others, odds are, they talk about you. And at some point, your friends will know more about you and your relationship than they should. Eventually you’ll have to explain to your boyfriend or girlfriend why you said so much about your personal life.
8. You call your best friend every time you have an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s nice to have somebody on your side. However, be careful about confiding in somebody if they’re likely to harbor negative feelings, or build up resentment towards your partner. Because in all likelihood you will resolve the argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But when you move on, will your friend understand, or will they become mad at you for forgiving your boyfriend or girlfriend. Keep private things between you and your partner only.

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Remember, the drama is created by you and/or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Relationship drama comes about as a result of other personal issues. Once you are able to cure these issues, the level of drama in your life and your relationship will subside. These personal issues that are creating drama in your relationship could be any of the following:
* Jealousy
* Insecurity
* Rage
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Control
* Contempt

If you or your partner has any of these qualities, your relationship is not doomed. However, these
can escalate to create larger problems and drive the gap between you and the one you love most.

If you cannot overcome them alone, it may be time seek professional help.

Supporting your partner through an illness

One of the hardest things in a backpage relationship is when one of you are diagnosed with an illness such as cancer. If your just dating do you wonder if your partner will stick around?  It is sad to say that if one of you are looking for an out this is the time when your relationship is tested.  It is also a stressful time for you both due to for different reasons. This can either bring you closer or put a wedge between you.

I know this personally and I can tell you that the relationship is tested.  The stress level is very high.  I’m not sure who has it harder to tell you the truth. One of you is dealing with an illness and the other feels completely helpless because you can’t do a thing to make it better. But, in fact of having someone in your life that loves you completely and stand beside you in your time of need is huge. It’s down right beautiful if you ask me.  The best thing you can do is live your life for this moment and enjoy the time you have together. In fact I think if you can get through to the otherside you will have a very strong relationship and your backpage love will be even deeper for each other.  In the end talking and being open about how your feeling is the most important thing.  It will keep you grounded.

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