Dressing for Dating Success

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The other night at dinner, just for fun, my guy friends started guessing how much my purse cost. It was yellow with no brand displayed anywhere. “I don’t know…maybe $2000?” the first one guessed. “No, I’m thinking $500” chimed in the guy who thought of himself as more fashion savvy.

It was a $30 purse from Target.

Ladies, men do not care about fancy brand names! In fact, if you’re wondering about how to dress to catch a man, it is easier and much cheaper than it is to dress to impress women.

Men like color. I don’t care how sophisticated you look in neutrals, men are drawn to bright colors. Not garish “look at me please!” colors but eye-catching colors. Have you ever noticed that if a guy does take the risk of buying you a piece of clothing, it’s usually something bright-colored? That’s probably because when he looked at the sea of options, he grabbed what stood out to him. So buy some pieces that make you pop!

Men like clothes that fit. I love high-waisted mini-skirts and baby doll dresses as much as the next girl, but most women end up looking like a pregnant adolescent in them. Men don’t understand them or why we like them. They like clothes that show and compliment our womanly curves—not clothes that make them question how far along we are. The same goes for the potato sack look. I know Mary Kate and Ashley rock the sloppy, loose-fitting tops on a daily basis. This is a great look for a day of shopping with the girls, but not if you are trying to catch the attention of a man.

Men don’t care about brands. Most men don’t know the nuances of obscure high-end brands for women’s clothing. If you look good, they could care less what brand your jeans are. What they do notice is if a woman is constantly and obviously flaunting luxury brands. This makes him stop and wonder if you might be a Material Girl—and whether you might expect him to help you maintain that lifestyle. Even in an environment like Harvard Business School, where the bling from humongous engagement rings blind me in class, men are sensitive to getting attached to a potential money-suck. And even for those Independent Women who bought their luxury goods with their hard-earned money, men get nervous when they see you rocking those big brands all the time. Will you try to transform their modest wardrobe to match yours? Men see unsolicited wardrobe advice as you encroaching on their precious sense of freedom. Flashy luxury clothes and accessories scream, “I’m high maintenance!”

Though I’m giving advice for dressing for dating success, you should never, ever let your man tell you how to dress. If you want to wear your potato sack or maternity dress, don’t let your man discourage you from doing so. He obviously likes you for who you are, trying to date you and all, and you don’t want to get him into any kind of bad habit of telling you what to do.  Obviously, if he’s providing a friendly suggestion, you can decide whether or not you want to follow it. This advice is for those women out there on the prowl. The next time you get ready for the club, leave the super-expensive fashion-forward dress at home and just wear something that makes you feel fun, sexy, and confident and sends the message, “I know I look good—and I don’t need a $1000 outfit to do it!” If your luxury clothes are what make you feel happiest and most yourself, go for it. I just want people to know that most fancy clothes women trip over themselves to buy are getting the attention of other women—not straight men.

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