Describe Yourself to Her (Using These Words)

October 26, 2020 by No Comments

I decided to hop online and go to and review several profiles of men, just to see what other men are saying & doing in their profiles, since I’m currently coaching a man who’s had no luck with personal sites in the past.

Well, I took a look at about 5 profiles, from men… which is something I occasionally like to do, and over the past 10 years of doing so, I’ve noticed changing patterns & trends.

One of the first I opened was from a “goofy guy“. I say “goofy guy” because that’s exactly how he described himself, in his subject line and throughout his profile. In another profile I read, a man also described himself as “goofy” though he didn’t emphasize it as much as the first profile.

I really feel that it’s a mistake for a man to refer to himself as goofy– especially online where he’s trying to meet women who have never had any face time with him.

When a woman hears “goofy” she tends to think… flaky, dopey, weird, screwy, irresponsible, nutty and possibly even childish. Of course, these are NOT things a woman is attracted to. A “screwy, irresponsible, child” is simply NOT a sexy dynamic… it doesn’t paint a pretty picture in her mind.

However, as we’ve discussed, an attractive quality in a man, is being comical and the confidence to entertain, tell funny stories, convey humorous jokes and a man who compels attention and women:

The type of man that her friends will be envious of.

What type of adjectives describe this man?














These are words that paint a much prettier picture in a woman’s mind. She is now envisioning a man that is educated and mentally stable, who’s interesting and can have a good time. She’ll be happy to take him home to meet her parents. She won’t have to worry about him doing something embarrassing on a date, or embarrassing her in front of her friends. She’s likely to have a good time with him.

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