Demonstration of Higher Value: The Innocent Question That Changed My Life Completely

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A couple of nights ago I was out with a close friend at this spot on King St West in Toronto. I’m usually at this spot because it’s swarmed with gorgeous women, a good friend is a host there and the environment is amazing (the music is spot on). It has everything basically. Anyways, me and my friend get into the club and I start following my typical 8 steps (I will make a post on it next week). After following the steps properly, I approached this really, really gorgeous blonde German girl and hit it off with her. The whole interaction was spot on until then she asked me…

“So, where are your friends?!” 

At this point, I really didn’t want to say because I came with a friend who was having a completely terrible night and it showed in his behaviour. Completely overwhelmed. Under dressed and completely un-groomed. I wondered to myself if he ever thought about the way he portrayed himself to the girls and if that had any affect on his results. A lot of the times, he’d approach a girl and be instantly rejected. There’s a couple of reasons why I know for a fact why this happens. A major reason why this happens is because he carries himself so poorly. Ultimately, the question got me thinking about other stuff in my life. Like…

Why am I not friends with higher value socially-savvy guys? 

Why do I only go out with aloof or clueless pick-up artists? (not all of them but some) 

Why am I not rolling to clubs with gorgeous girls? 

It’s crazy to see the commonalities amongst guys in the community regarding social circles. One thing that has always stood out to me was the lack of friends they had. I have yet to meet one pick-up artist that has had a big circle of really, really gorgeous girls and really cool male sex-worthy friends. I’ve winged with the best in Toronto and even they don’t have this area down. You’d think after 4+ years in the game you’d have a lot of friends that are connected but nope, that’s not the case. Recently, this has been a major focus of mines which is getting a wider social circle.

I’m not saying that you’re not considered cool if you’re not friends with these types of people but why not become friends with them? What’s the downside of having friends who are connected to a scene you’re so fond of? If anything, you can still be cool without being friends with socialites but seriously, why not have them as friends anyway? Why has nobody  in the community try to decode this? Fuck, why haven’t I tried to decode this sooner?

Every time I’m out I always seeing these sex-worthy guys having the most fun and they’re always with the hottest girls in the club. The hot, gorgeous girls are always gravitating towards them. In all honesty, I know that I’m enough to get these types of girls but it’s more than getting a particular girl. It’s more of having the available options to choose from a wide selection of these types of girls than just a select few. Why have something work against you when you can have it work for you?  

The night the gorgeous German girl asked me the question I was a bit stuck. I had to lie about being there with one guy. Seriously, do you know how weird it feels to lie about something like that? Very weird. I don’t want to have to lie about my lifestyle. I don’t want to have to lie about anything actually. This is why it inspires me to post stuff like this reflecting on myself. There’s no reason why you can’t be friends with other high value people.

Today is a new day. I want to change this pick-artist stigma and move away from it. I’m going to make it my duty to re-invent the wheel. I no longer feel like a pick-up artist, I feel like a social guy who’s into the social sciences. I want my life to be an experiment for everyone following this blog. I’m doing this because I’m tired of seeing guys unsatisfied with their lives. I’m tired of seeing “pick-up artists” roaming in the club searching for girls. I’m tired of seeing this routine being passed down to others. I want to re-invent the wheel of what it means to being successful with women.

Personally, I’m not really hung up about how many friends I have on Facebook but more so the quality of friendships. I feel at this point in my life, regarding success with women, I need to step into a different area to truly sky-rocket my success. One thing that will always held true is the fact that you’re the creator of your own destiny. You can either choose to be a scrub or choose to be the rockstar of your universe. If you think you’re an ugly duckling that has no style? Then clean up yourself, eat right and start taking care of your appearance. If you look like shit then you’ll feel like shit. It’s time to stop being a fucking scrub. And if don’t have a lot of cool friends? Then start going out, push yourself to network with other people and give value.

Note: in no way do I advise ditching your friends because they’re not connected. Most of what I’m saying is a complete criticism about myself. When I speak in generals, I speak about myself. I’m guilty of a lot of shit I just wrote about. I’m far away from perfect. I’m only a guy that wants to improve his quality of life and inspire others to improve as well. This isn’t a rant.  It’s a wake up call. 

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