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July 2, 2021 by No Comments

Somehow I ended up being followed by – and subsequently followed back – several hundred “social media experts” on Twitter. It’s amazing. Everyone is a “social media expert.” Everyone. I even fell sucker to the whole I-can-get-you-200-followers-a-day scam, which was dumb, because I kept getting more and more “social media experts” that promised to help me “earn extra money and find success.” Totally lame. (Oddly enough, today I stumbled upon a post by Peter Shankman and Sarah Evans regarding this very topic. Find it here. It’s good stuff.)

I don’t claim to be a social media expert. What I can claim is that I’ve had a lot of success utilizing social media and dating websites to meet women and I’ve helped other people do the same thing. This week I’m going to write two or three posts on how you can maximize sites like Facebook, eHarmony, etc., to score more dates. It certainly won’t be exhaustive, but it will get you on the right track.

Today I want to focus on what exceptional photographs can do to increase the interaction you have with women, regardless of what social media or dating site you like to use. Truth be told, it’s rare that people put up a photo that they think is “bad” or one that they think doesn’t flatter their appearance. But are there bad pictures? Yes. And lots of them. But what you find more of than bad pictures are one’s that are just “okay.” Most pictures are just average. How many pictures do you see that were taken by people of themselves by holding a camera out at arm’s length? 1 in 5? 1 in 10? It’s a lot. And it’s boring. Yawn.

Or how about pictures of you and your buddies hangin’ out at the bar? Do you have a photo like that as your profile picture right now? Or maybe you’re by the pool, shirt off and in shorts, just relaxing… These aren’t bad – but they’re average.

Your main profile photo especially should be one that communicates what you’re about and should capture your personality, framing you in a way that brings out the most attractive parts of you. This is your first impression. I’ve had bad pictures taken, good ones taken, and exceptional ones taken. You should be able to look at a photograph and say, “Yep – that’s really me,” or “This really speaks to who I want to be.” This is done, typically, through hiring a good photograph who has the skills to highlight the best parts of you in a still image. You need exceptional photographs. It will give an edge.

A photographer doesn’t have to be expensive these days. For $100 – $300, you can spend a couple of hours with a good photographer and come away with a CD of some awesome shots. Over the July 4th weekend my best friend Tim came into town, and I arranged a session for him with my photographer so he could get some new pictures for his Facebook page. Below are a few of the shots…


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