Dating Rule: How To Avoid Awkward Silences

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We’ve all been there, your mind rushes through a whole list of things you pre-planned to talk about – grasping at nothing in particular, your heart pulsates faster, you breathing quickens and your fingers fidget at nothing in particular. You’re suffering from what most medical specialists would diagnose as an awkward silence moment. Easily curable and avoidable, but given that under the circumstances your mind would be completely blank, it’ll be hard for you to consciously be able to think up the remedy. But don’t worry, i have the solution -winks.

What’s The Remedy To My Misery, I Prithee?

Can’t help but rhyme stuff, it’s this horrible habit i have. -grins. Anyway, i have a solution i use to solve or avoid all my awkward silences, it’s not something i read about on the internet or in books or anything for that sort, it’s something that i chanced upon by accident after i, harboring undeniably weird habits, scrutinized and analyzed my day’s behavior with my girlfriend at the end of each day. And here’s what i discovered..

I Spoke My Mind

Yup, i simply spoke my mind on the awkward situation, or as i would like to call such situations, shituations.  I would end up saying things like “I really really don’t like awkward situations, did you know i actually pre-planned mentally (and taken down on my phone, but shh no one needs to know that) a list of topics i could talk to you about? I actually reviewed your entire facebook into page and went through the list of things that you found interesting and tried to find colliding matches and *on and on and on*”

When you do this, you’re not only creating a conversation topic, more crucially, you’re ripping off your mask, figuratively speaking, that you both put on when on dates, something like a masquerade, where people put on masks and hide behind their false personalities that they can put up behind their mask. When you finally speak your mind, you actually reveal your true self, and this in turn would usually lead to the other person following the step of confidence and truthfulness you took and reveal their true selves to you too. What this results in? Simple – Lovely free flowing conversation, yum (:

Anyway, Speaking About Conversations..

You should check out my post on how to listen effectively, something you’d want when you’ve avoided and solved your awkward silence moment (: Also, do come and practice your conversational skills at Loveawake newly launched forum, i promise to buy a little something out of my tiny shallow pocket for one selected member out of the first 100 to join (hope i don’t regret this promise).

How To Tell If Your Lover Really Knows You

Ever wondered just how much your lover or potential lover knows you? No, this is not one of those stupid little quizzes. This is much better than that. Well, here’s a little something you can do to find out!

My girlfriend, the love of my life, my heart’s one true desire, one day wrote me an entire analysis on me, what she thought i was like, how i reacted differently to the different things she did and how that tells something on my personality and basically, an entire analysis on who she thought i was.

Here’s The Wonderful Part

She was correct for the large part of it. Even so much that i actually learnt a thing or two on her little essay of me. This little exercise would helped me gain two things :
1) I finally knew how my girlfriend saw me through her eyes and what she thought of me.

2) It tells me just how well she knows me.

It’s a lovely exercise that i highly recommend as it’ll definitely improve your relationship with your lover, whether theyir analysis on you is 90% right or 90% wrong.

Anyway, i haven’t gotten down to writing her my own analysis on her yet, although i probably would soon (especially after she reads this post and bugs me about it).

Cheers my homies 

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