Damsel in Distress

April 13, 2020 by No Comments

I’ve got a few close friends who always seem to be whining about one thing or the other.  It seems as if woe-is-me is a way of life for them and they are always wanting their man to come rescue them.

I can’t exactly speak for men really, but to me, that just seems exhausting. 

Do men really feel chivalrous when they leap to the rescue of their distressed lady?

Does it make them feel more “needed?”

Personally, having dated a few men that always seemed to need “fixing” I have to say I can’t imagine finding that attractive in the least.

It’s one thing for me to ask my husband to step up to bat for me when I’ve tried every other alternative, but it seems the only option is to have a more assertive male place the demands on the situation.  But for me to stand back and permit my husband to make all the decisions or take care of all issues that come up would be like rolling over and allowing my marriage to him to absorb my entire individuality.

What’s your take on this?  Should men take the lead in relationships?  Should they be the protector?  Should women rely on men that much?

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10 holiday party pick-up lines

Yes, the holiday season is upon us again. Some dread it and some love it, but no matter how we feel, let’s use it to our advantage this year.

How you ask? Well, by modifying our pick-up lines to match the holiday theme.

The best place to perfect your holiday pick-up lines is at a holiday party, so don’t refuse any invitations this year because you’re single. Bring a friend or go solo, but get out there and work the circuit. As with all pick up lines, remember to be respectful, but be playful and open too. You never know what the season of giving will bring this year! So try these lines on for size.

• Are you done with all of your shopping madness yet? (A charming and concerned ice-breaker)

• So where are you spending the holidays this year? (In other words, are you going to be around so I can ravish you?)

• What’s the history behind mistletoe anyway? (An innocent flirtation that is only slightly provocative)

• Have you ever cooked a holiday dinner? I’m thinking of having Christmas/Hanukkah/Thanksgiving at my house this year, and I’m a little nervous about it. (Especially charming when it comes from a sensitive male)

• Do you remember when you figured out that there was no Santa Claus?

• What’s your favorite holiday memory?

• I’m having a little holiday cocktail party at my house this year; what would be easy to serve? (Hint: after you’ve engaged him or her in a conversation, invite him or her to your cocktail party and then start planning one!)

• So what was your day like? (Always a kind, sincere approach, and perhaps a good segue into some holiday shopping nightmare stories)

• Do you believe in New Year’s resolutions? Do you have any this year?

• You guys seem like you’re having a really good time. Are you all friends? (Always a good one when you see a group of friends having a good time — especially when you want to get to know one or two of them in particular).

The list could go on and on if you’re determined and creative enough. Just remember to include references to the holidays, be sincere and polite and embody that holiday spirit. It could be the beginning of a great new year.

Now, those are some fairly sincere pick-up lines, but how about we have a little fun and see what kind of fun or even tacky pick-up lines we can come up with.  Cheezy is great, but let’s do our best to keep them clean 😀

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