Creative Style In Three Steps

June 16, 2021 by No Comments

A few posts back, I said that you need initial attraction before you attempt to game. Now it’s time to talk about how you can get that initial attraction using your sense of style. Here is how you use style to get initial attraction in four easy steps:

1) Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want to get noticed by women, then you need to find a way to stand out. And you don’t want to stand out just to stand out; you want to do it in a tasteful fashion. You want a woman to look at you out of sheer interest in who you are; not have a woman look at you because you look weird. For example, I have my labret spike. That’s tastefully standing out. If I had a million piercings all over my face, then I would just look weird.

In the above picture, Pauly D. from Jersey Shore does this with his hair and accessories. His hair is a departure from the norm, but it isn’t so bizarre that women are going to look at him like he is fucking weird. Also, notice how his accessories stand out in a tasteful fashion. They all match one another. Nothing looks like he is just wearing it for attention.

2) Be Comfortable With Your Style

I don’t care how good something looks, if you are uncomfortable in it, you will look uncomfortable in it. You might also come off as a little weird. Take a look at this picture of Mike Cera trying to rock the Pauly D. look:

That is what most of you guys look like when you’re trying to rock the Mystery look. You are uncomfortable, and it will show. Mike Cera looks like a complete idiot when dressed like Pauly D.

3) Match Your Personality With Your Style

These guys may be total douchebags to varying degrees, but when women look at them, they know that they are douchebags. Imagine these types of guys trying to perform magic tricks. It would just seem weird to women.

Some of you have purchased The Assanova Method 2.0, and in it, you may have seen a picture of me wearing a hat and sports coat with colorful stitching and a bright shirt under it. Anyhow, combined with my labret and wild shoes, I look like a guy that is a lot of fun. When I am dressed like that and am really funny, it is like a sensory overload for women. The same goes for Mystery. He dresses like a mysterious magician type, and when he actually performs magic and whatnot, it’s like a sensory overload. The same goes for a guy that dresses lik a biker and has a hardcore cold type of personality.

There you have it. Style in three steps. When you’re in a nightclub, you need every advantage that you can get, and your sense of style is one that you can use to get that initial attraction that I like to talk about.


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