Break Up Text Messages

March 24, 2020 by No Comments

These days when you want to break up with someone and is not willing to talk it over face to face, you can always rely on the wonders of technology. Just pack your bags, text your break up message and walk out the door when the person isn’t home. How convenient, right?

Anyway, I came across this issue recently when someone wrote asking whether it is ok to break up with a partner through an e-mail or text message. I guess some people choose to do things this way because they feel awkward asking for a break up or they simply dread facing up to the situation and the reaction from the partner concerned. In a way, they are looking for an easy way out of a potentially difficult situation.

Personally, I think it is cruel telling someone who once shared a part of your life that you are leaving through a text message. I mean how many of us would be willing to be at the receiving end of such an act? When you choose to walk away without an explanation, the other party will be left wondering what went wrong. And when there are no answers, there won’t be closure and it will be harder for the person to move on.

Text messages to a partner that say “c u”, “miss u” or “pick up milk” are great but imagine receiving a message that simply says “I’m leaving u, bye!” Ain’t that cruel and a little cowardly?

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