Best Time To Contact Women (Night Game # Closes)

June 22, 2021 by No Comments

So you’ve been going out at night, racking up phone numbers like crazy. You’ve decided that you’re going to call or text these women, however, you have no clue of when it is the best time to get ahold of these women. I’ll make it easy for you, the best time to get ahold of women is sometime between 1-3AM (I would lean closer to 3). That is when you’re most likely to get a response and/or meet-up, especially when said girl is on her way home from the bars, or is at home.

Why? For starters, you want to call women while you are still fresh on their minds. And when are you the most fresh? That night. And also, you want to call before her drunk buzz wears down and she starts thinking to herself “OMG, I was so drunk. I can’t respond to that guy because we talked when I was drunk.”. That is something that happens time and time again. It’s as if women automatically disqualify any guy that they met when they were drunk.

But why else would you want to call between 1-3AM? When she is still a little drunk, not only is she probably horny from all of the men pumping up her “buying temperature” or whatever it’s called,  but she is more likely to act on it than what she would be if she were sober. In other words, this is the best time to try to pull a one night stand.

And on top of that, she is not getting all of the attention that she once was in the night club  or bar earlier in the night. Chances are, when she is at home after the bars, she is going to be up for awhile. And that is the best time to get her to respond to your attempts to get ahold of her. She is still a little buzzed, and that is when she is most likely to feel open to talk about whatever.

Also, if she was horny and did want to hook-up with you earlier in the night, but didn’t wanna do it in front of her friends, then she might just do it now that she is home and away from them (If that was what was stopping her from going home with you). And if her friends are around, now that none of them are getting any attention, if you happen to call or text, they might just provoke her to talk to you, just because they’re up and bored. Make it count.

This especially works with women that you’ve been having ongoing conversations with. Your best chance to meet up with them and have sex, is around said hours (1-3AM). She feels like she knows you, so she most likely will pick-up her phone, and let you come over. When it comes to girls that I was talking to, we almost always had our first kiss or sex for the first time very late at night, usually around the time the bars close, or a little after.

You guys want examples? Just read my stories. You will see a countless number of times when I texted or called a girl late at night, and actually met up with her. You will also see that while I was out, girls would start texting or calling me. These girls almost never call me during the day. The calls and texts start rolling in right around 1AM. Off the top of my head, I would say that out of all of the girls that called or texted me after 1AM, I ended up meeting up with 90% of them (and eventually leaving with them if we met-up at a bar).

Don’t call or text these girls before you go out at night, when every other guy is trying to do the same thing. And don’t call them when you are no longer fresh on their minds. When you get a phone number or text, the best chance you have of getting ahold and/or meeting up with that girl, is that night.*


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