Be The New Guy (…Within Small Groups)

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I remember when I first started hanging around seduction lair guys. While talking to one, it seemed like he had game, so there shouldn’t have been a big difference between the number of women we slept with. So one day, we were shootin’ the shit and whatnot, and I asked him how long he’s been gaming. He told me ten years. Then I proceeded to ask him how many women he’s slept with. He told me ten. Thinking that he had misspoken, I clarified the question. He told me that in ten years, he had slept with ten women.

How could this be? Our game seemed to be at around the same level, yet he had only slept with ten women in ten years, while I had already slept with ten women THAT YEAR ALONE. Why such a big difference between two guys who had a similar level of game? There are two reasons. One, he had been gaming in the large nightclubs downtown, while I was gaming primarily in small parties and small bars, which gave me the chance to shine and not be just some anonymous guy to be shoved to the side and forgotten about.

And second, what this post is about, is that within these small groups of people, I skipped around between social groups a lot. I always managed to make sure I was the new guy at these small parties and group gatherings. Basically, anytime I got invited somewhere, I went. What would happen, is that I’d go to a party or have one, someone would think that I was cool, and then invite me to the parties that they knew of or invited me to hang out with them and their friends.

Why does this matter? It matters because if you are the new guy within these social groups outside of the big nightclubs, you’re more likely to get laid. Your best chance for a one night stand is if you game within smaller groups of people, and if you’re the new guy within that group. Why? Because like I said, it’s easier for you to shine within smaller groups, and also because most women outside of the ones who hang out at the big nightclubs, see the same guys week-in, and week-out.

The good news for you, is that MOST WOMEN DON’T HANG OUT IN NIGHTCLUBS. If you’re gaming strictly in popular nightclubs, you are only gaming a VERY small percentage of the available women out there. Most women hang out in smaller groups with thier friends, family, and people that they work with; usually at smaller less popular bars, and smaller parties. When you are the new guy, you are fresh, and most likely the first “new” guy that they have the chance to really interact with. What happens if you are even moderately attractive? Women swarm you.

Going back to what I said about being the new guy and it being your best chance to have a one night stand, let’s take a look at the random sampling of my one night stands that I actually bothered to write about and put on my blog. Again, these are a complete random sampling. Let’s see how many of these one night stands I was actually the new guy to these women in:

Sex At Mirror Lake

Cornfed was in a sorority, had a job, and was taking classes. This girl NEVER got the chance to go out. In turn, she saw the same guys hanging out at her sorority, and at work. I snatched her up at the very beginning of summer, when she wasn’t taking any classes. This was also at a smaller bar on a slower night. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

R Rated

I got this girl on a slower night at the bar. She snatched me up VERY quickly, and I believe that it was my second or third time going to this bar. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

Sail Away

This girl was visiting from out of town (she was a student at Bowling Green), so I was new to her, and I met her at a small party. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

R Rated Again

This girl worked an insane number of hours (I believe she worked like 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week). Although I met her on a busy night at a packed bar, she almost never goes out. In other words, she was most likely happy to have any guy talk to her that wasn’t a guy that she worked with. Smaller group? No. New guy? Check.

My First Black Girl

I met this girl late at night while walking to a friend’s dorm room. She also talked about hanging around the same guys a lot. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

Master Of Disaster

This girl always hung with the same group of friends as me over at my place. Smaller group? Check. New guy? No.

How Long Does It Take To Lay A Virgin?

This girl ALWAYS hangs around the same group of people who all party together. I met her at a small party that I was invited to. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

Captain Hook ‘Em

Met this girl at a busy campus bar. She was from out of town, so I was new to her. She most likely hung around the same group of friends, because when I walked her home, she was staying with a guy friend for the weekend. Smaller group? No. New guy? Check.

Here Pussy Pussy

This girl said that she almost never comes to the big bars downtown. She also had a husband or boyfriend. Smaller group? No. New guy? Check.

Same Song & Dance

This girl hung around the same people all of the time on campus. I met her at a bigger bar on a dead night. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

More Public Sex

This girl was a teacher during the week, and a bartender during the weekend. She almost never got the chance to go out. She also had a guy with her from her neighborhood, so she most likely hung around the same group of people when she went out. I was introduced to her by a common friend (The Drunken Russian). I also met her at a smaller bar. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

Cum On My Face

This girl was from some small town where everyone knows everyone. We met through common friends from her town. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

King Of Assholes

Puerto Rico and I met this girl at a small house party. We didn’t know any of the people there. She also lived in the dorms and partied with the same group of frinds over and over again. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

Vivaaaa Las Vegas

This girl rarely goes out, and we had the same friends who hung out at the same parties. However, for whatever reason, this was my first time seeing her. Smaller group? Check. New guy? Check.

Anyhow, there you have it. In almost all of these random samplings of my one night stands, I was in a small group of people, and I was the new guy within that smaller group. This doesn’t guarantee you anything (you still have to be attractive to the women), however, it presents you with the best chance to get laid.

Go to smaller bars and smaller parties (or big bars on slower nights), and try to keep yourself fresh by not going to the same places and being around the same women week-in and week-out. Being the new guy to a woman (or women) who is use to being around the same small group of men, directs all of the attention and attraction towards you.*


This post explains why it’s easier to game 18 year olds than it is to game 23 year olds. Women under 21 tend to hang out with the same groups of people at parties and the same 18 and up bar all of the time, so they see the same guys over and over again. Remember, women under 21 aren’t allowed to drink at the 18 and up bars, so they mostly hang around friends at small parties.

When you look at the 21-25 year old women, she hangs out at the big bars downtown, where not only are these places jampacked, but she is CONSTANTLY having new guys try to talk to her because it’s not the same group of guys week-in and week-out at these bigger bars (endless options; new guys constantly hitting on her). The chick under 21 isn’t presented with this endless number of men hitting on her yet because she isn’t old enough to go to these popular 21+ bars yet.

And as for women over 25, they usually either have a kid, are in grad school, or get a serious career. In turn, they rarely go to these big bars downtown, and instead, move to the suburbs where they hang out with the same group of friends all of the time, or go to the same local smaller bars instead of trekking downtown.

*Hence, why if you’re going to cold approach, you should do day game, game women in the subrurbs, game at small bars, and game nerdy women hanging out near science labs and libraries near your local college campus. The vast majority of those women are use to dealing with the same old tired guys that they see among their friends, work, and classes.


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