Are You a Keeper?

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While chatting with a close friend recently, a topic made it’s way into our conversation about keeping old photos and memorabilia from previous relationships.

I’ve known many women who would become so jealous they’d sneak into a man’s belongings and purposely destroy anything that had to do with former girlfriends.

This sort of thing never seemed to bother me much – It’s always been my opinion that IF someone is an EX of my partner, they are history for a reason.  Being that EX also means that person played some significant role in the person my partner had become.  Right?

That’s not to say that I’ve never been a ‘jealous’ type nor that there are some things that don’t make me jealous, but keeping tokens from previous relationships isn’t one of them.

As it turned out, my friend was disturbed that her partner still had old photos stuck in drawers along with a couple of greeting cards from an ex.  The photos I could see hanging on to, memories can’t be replaced and that ex was only half of that memory.  The greeting cards, to me, either needed to be put up where they weren’t so accessible or they needed to be tossed.

Are you a keeper?  Ever dated a keeper?  How did you or do you handle it?

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Speed Dating Through the Eyes of a Mobile Blogger

Woot! It’ll be a treat. SMS Text News‘ Ewan MacLeod is going Speed Dating!

However, he did say he’s only in it for ‘research’ — he’ll be taking down notes on mobile phones used by the participants and he’s even hoping to get photos to document the phone sighting.

I’m a bit curious, though. He called it speed networking. Tis the first time I’ve encountered it being called such. Made me think twice if he’s indeed going on a speed dating event. Heh. (Er, perhaps you can check it out for me and tell me if I got it wrong..? If I did… oh, dear.)

This bit on his post made me laugh a little:

Hi I’m Ewan.

‘Hi Ewan, my name is Melanie, what do………’

Let me stop you there Melanie…


Is that a Nokia 3330 in your handbag I can see?

‘Yes actually?’

Have you had your main phone recently stolen?

‘No? Why… what do you..’

Are you telling me you’re seriously using a Nokia 3330 as your main handset?

‘Well yes, but what do…’


Heeheehee. I recommend you check the rest and have a chuckle.

Reminds me of that one time I went on a speed dating thingie myself. LOL.

Hey, Ewan! Perhaps you can use these! HEHEHE.

Can’t wait how this research project will turn out!

Hmmm. Now, I’m thinking if it’s possible to live-blog a speed dating event — as a participant! Gah.

/schemes 😉

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