A friends birthday and a day where everything just flooowed…

June 30, 2021 by No Comments

Today I got to celebrate with a friend on her 21st birthday. It was truly an awesome day, nothing spectacular, but one of those days that just seemed to flow. Food tasted good, taxis arrived just as we were leaving, people smiled when you looked at them and experiences just seem to unfold naturally like they did when you were a kid. It was a “real” day where you didn’t have to try to be anything to anyone, and you were fine just being yourself. It also happened to be Halloween day in Manila which was a cool experience. See more pics below…

As a birthday gift I ordered a masseuse to come to the condo in the morning and wake up my friend with a massage, which surprising took some coaxing to get her to except. In hind site, she only had two hours of sleep so I don’t blame her.

After her massage, she was “surprised” with a full course breakfast complete with champagne mimosas! Later we walked around a popular shopping district outside of Makati and then ended the day with some delicious Korean cuisine in Makati…Just kidding…The night should have ended there but it didn’t. Not in the Philippines…I think its sac-religious to go to bed in the same day that you woke up… No, no, my friends, the day didn’t end there.

The night indeed progressed into the wee hours of the morning…once again. After the Korean food we ended up in a Dutch guys house pointing laser lights into outer space and talking about aliens. As I drifted in and out of consciousness because I was sooo fucking tired after 4 hours of sleep the night before, we decide (at 2am) that it was a perfect time to go dancing…Yippee! Voluntary insomnia continues.

I was practically sleep walking in the club, and literally couldn’t tell if I the girls that were hitting on me were actually guys. Hey it was Halloween and there is a lot of transvestites in Manila…One guy we were with got smart and bounced without telling anyone…Later I learned the term is actually referred to as a “French Exit” A sly but effective move for going to bed without getting shit from your friends I suppose. I should’ve done the same. Anyhow, it was awesome and I had a lot of fun.

Heres Birthday girl acting super surprised by her breakfast, silently wishing she could go back to bed :)


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