53 Things to do with your boyfriend

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This is very important because many of us do not know what to do, to spend quality time with our boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

It is usually the same old, same old, in the things we do everyday with our beloved.

In this post I am going to share many things to do with your boyfriend (or girlfriend if you are a guy reading this post), and will add even more to this list, while providing links for more information as well!

So you can always check back this post to find out more about what and how you can spend quality time with your beloved.

I am going to make some categorization to ease your search, so just look out for anything that is for you.

So far we have:
1. 32 Things to do with your boyfriend outside your house
2. 14 Things to do with your boyfriend at home or in private
3. 7 Things to do with your boyfriend in Singapore

Let’s get started!

Things to do with your boyfriend outside your house

1. Go for a stargazing trip with your boyfriend.

2. Go for a couple’s cooking class, or join a cooking class together.

3. Go cycling with each other or in a group

4. Go to an amusement or a theme park together.

5. Go jogging with your beloved.

6. Go to the gym together.

7. Go for a singing session.

8. Go or learn how to rollerskate together.

9. Go for a bowling session

10. Play billard or pool together.

11. Go for movies together.

12. Go shopping together.

13. Go swimming together.

14. Have a gift exchange during one of your outings.

15. Go for a picnic together.

16. Have a walk together around the park and chat about intimate things.

17. Build sandcastles at the beach with each other.

18. Find a new place and go sight seeing together.

19. Hunt for good food together, by trying to visit new or famous eating places.

20. Go for a holiday overseas together.

21. Hangout at a cafe or a dessert shop to chill together or with friends.

22. Go for beach volleyball together or with a group of friends.

23. Visit a boardgames cafe and have fun play boardgames, either with yourselves or with a group of friends.

24. Go for a course together to learn something new.

25. Buy a kite and have fun playing with it together.

26. Play badminton together or with a group of friends.

27. Play or learn squash together.

28. Play or learn tennis together.

29. Learn or go for a diving session together.

30. Go for a cruise together

31. Go for a camping trip together.

32. Attend a concert together.

Things to do with your boyfriend at home or in private

This blog or post isn’t for kindergarten kids, so do be aware that I will just be suggesting any and everything that I can think of here.

1. Cook for each other and try out new recipes.

2. Play computer games with each other.

3. Snuggle on the bed or the sofa together.

4. Spend a long time kissing each other.

5. Save water. Bathe together.

6. Invite friends over for a time of boardgame session.

7. Serenade your boyfriend with music or a song, or have him serenade you.

8. Watch a video or television together.

9. Hug each other to bits.

10. Have a ‘WooHoo’ together. (If you have been playing Sims 3, you will understand what I mean.)

11. Massage each other.

12. Spend some time making homemade gifts with each other for friends, family or even for the both of you.

13. Show endearment with each other by gently stroking each other’s hair and body.

14. Look through old photos together.

Things to do with your boyfriend in Singapore

As I am from Singapore, so I will share basically about what we can do here.

I will also add on to this list if I find that there are interesting that comes up.

1. Cable car dinner with together.

2. Visit the Singapore Flyer.

3. Sky dining at Singapore Fly

Contributed by Charmaine in the comments pages. Thanks so much! I will try if there is an opportunity!

4. Go for prawn fishing, or the locals here call it ‘prawning’ for short.

5. Visit the Minds Cafe, Settler’s Cafe, or other boardgame cafes with each other or a group of friends.

6. Look out for the local music bands and attend a gig.

7. Hang out or chill at Singapore’s cafe or dessert shops!

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