How to upgrade you membership and save money?
  1. Trial Membership - gives you opportunity to write an unlimited number of the first letters. It is a good chance to see how the agency works. Write no less than 5 first letters. Some women will answer negatively (let us be realists), some will take long to answer, some answers will be boring. I don't want to lose time and chances.
  2. If you receive positive answers, then upgrade to Golden Membership - it will give you opportunity to correspond with an unlimited number of women, plus you get 1 address (regular address of the lady and her direct phone number) a month for free!
  3. Write not less than 2-3 letters a week to each woman. Only such intensive communication will give the best result!
  4. For the first month (or two) of your Golden member status, you will be able to determine how many girls you want to correspond with. If they are 1 or 2, then will pass to Silver Membership. If they are more, then buy 6 month Golden Membership. In this way you will save some money.
  5. I consider the best strategy is Trial-->Golden-->Silver ( Tried--> Choose --> Correspond )