It is rather hard to imagine the life without telephone. The telephone is very indispensable in such sphere like international acquaintances!

The telephone will help you:
- To make certain that the woman, which you chose is real
- To hear her voice and it will help you to enliven her image
- To take the pleasure from communication
- To wish her "Sweet dreams" even every night:)
- To arrange the contact as fast as you wish
- To determine important information
- To tell something, which you can not write and etc.

There are just three lacks among all these advantages.

First - of course, it is money expenses, but you can accept it, as favorable investment to your future. I think you agree that it depends on what kind of soul mate you will choose too? Secondly - not all the ladies will be able to talk to you on your language. And thirdly - not all of them have telephones! Maybe it will look surprising and absurd to you, - as we live in the XXI century already, - but it is fine for the citizens of Russia:)

Telephone conversations with the help of interpreter will help you to solve two last problems. You should do the following:

1. It is necessary to contact with our office in order to talk about this service and to name the appropriate day and time for the telephone conversation.
2. We will contact the woman and we will determine if she can come to the office at the appointed time.
3. We will send you e-mail with confirmation in case if we get positive answer.
4. If she can not come at the appointed time, we will continue to keep in touch with you and her, while we find the appropriate time for both of you.
5. You should call at the appointed time to the office, where your lady will wait for you already.
6. If it is necessary, the interpreter can help you on the parallel phone.
7. And the last, you can watch the conversation on the web-camera, which is installed in the office!

We practice this service for a long time already, and we have some experience, which suggests us:
- To appoint the time not earlier than before 3 days, in order to discuss everything beforehand;
- To offer several variants of time for the conversation, it will make easier the process;
- To take into account different time zones
- You use the telephone of our office and you should consider our working time too:)
- Be ready for the conversation. Do not keep silent, write down beforehand the thesises, what you want to say her.
- If you want to define some exact information (the flight number, the flight time, and the number of the account or something else), it is better to use the help of professional interpreter, if even your lady can speak English a little bit. It will help you to avoid the misunderstanding!

The telephone can shorten not just the distance, but the time of preliminary acquaintance too, till the appointment of the meeting, which will decide everything!

Time in Kazan is GMT+3

Working hours in the office:
From 9.00 a.m. till 7.30 p.m. on weekdays
From 10.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m. on Saturday
Day off - Sunday