How long does it take for delivery?

The following process is off screen. We will contact to your lady after your order and we will talk to her: when it will be cofortable for her to get the present and where to deliver it. Usually it takes two days.
Sometimes women ask to deliver the present to their places, but sometimes it is not very comfortable for them too. Some of them do not want other people to know about it and they prefer to come to the office themselves. Some of ladies work a lot and they do not know when they will be back home. It is more comfortable for them to deliver the gift to their office. This is the answer to the question too: why we deliver the present not in 2-3 days, but later. Well, it was better for woman!

What is the main problem?

- the choice is not so wide
- you see just pictures instead of windows of the shops.

What are the advantages there?

- The presents will be sending directly to the address, which you write.
- Nothing will break or spoil or will be crumpled.
- And for the short time. (Nearly 3 days)
- The last one, you will not hesitate too long, as the choice is not so wide:

How to choose the present?

The assortment is the same everywhere. Flowers, Teddy Bears, Sweets, Fruits, Wines, Delicacies for the party table, Perfume… Please, correct me if I forgot something.It is not a casual assortment. All these presents are universal. You can present them for any occasions, in different variations and in any quantity not even thinking and worrying is it suits or doesn't to your the chosen one. Though there are some cunning too. For example, it is better to present flowers for the Saint Valentine's Day, for the International Woman's Day (the 8th of March) or for the birthday. By the way, there should be the odd number of flowers.
It is better not to present the Teddy Bears to the mature and practical women. They have a puzzled look then: what should I do with such toy?

If you want to present the perfume, you can choose one of the variants.
1. You know, it may happen, that your woman won't like the perfume, which you are going to present. So…
2. You can let the Agency to know her preference and make the proper order then.

Good perfume is not cheap here in Russia, and you don't always have an opportunity to change them often. That's why your woman will appreciate your care about her!:
Fruit or Food basket, sweets or wine - are good for any occasions!
But if you wanna something more, go ahead!!! And do not forget the mechanism of the present's delivery through the Internet:
You make your order
We buy it here
And deliver it till the place (address)
You can make individual orders too. Of course we won't find here for you The Emperor Carp in Kazan, but once we had such amazing orders like the whole basket of cheese (of course from Swiss man), the jewelry, the bouquet of hundreds roses and so on…