Let's watch the process of the correspondence together. Maybe it will help you to know our possibilities better and to use them.
So, you looked through our catalogue and you want to write a woman.
1. To send a lady a letter, simply go to her profile page and click on the button that says, "Send me a letter".
2. You will now be prompted to enter your email address and password.
3. If you have never used our service, register as a new member and follow the instructions.
4. Once you have logged in, you can type your letter into the letterbox and attach pictures.
5. Once you have completed the letter, you press the "enter" the letter is accepted for processing and email directly to the office that handles that lady for delivery.
6. Once a letter has been sent, you cannot change its contents, so please ensure it is correct before you send it.

When we get your letter in our office, we:
1. We register it;
2. We call to the lady and ask her to come to the office to take the letter. If we don't reach her on the phone during 3 days, so the letter will be sent to her address by post.
3. Lady comes to the office, we print her letter and photo (if you included one). We translate it orally if it is necessary.
4. The woman can write the answer at once in the office or at home.
5. According to our rules, woman should answer to ALL the letters: positively or negatively.
6. If the woman did not answer for five days, we call her and remind her about it.
7. If the woman did not answer for seven days, so according to our agreements, we consider her unregistered in our services and we move profile from the main catalogue.
8. If the woman can not answer temporally because of some reasons (sickness, business trip and etc.), she let us know about it. If she will be absent more than two weeks, we hide her profile temporally. If less than two weeks - we will send you the appropriate message about it from the Agency.
9. We translate her answer into English and we send it to your e-mail.
10. Women write the letters manually and we keep all the hand-written letters for one year. If you want to be convinced of it, we can send you scanned letter. Though it will be in Russian:
You can ask to send you scanned hand-written letter, if you are doubt in something: for example, to check some mistakes.

And that's all!

So, we are working with the ladies from Kazan city, where our main office is situated in. Besides, we have ladies from other cities too in our catalogue: Nikolaev, Kharkov, Nikolaev and other. Our partners work on the same scheme. You can write those ladies too, we work with them with the help of e-mail, not personally. Our rules are comformably to them too.
You will save your time using this service too, comparing with the correspondence by post. And you will know for sure if woman is interested with you or not. Our women should answer to all the letters, positively or negatively.
Besides, you can consult with our managers if you won't understand something in the letter of woman or if she does not answer for too long.
Be more active, and it will work!