How to use the catalogue effectively?

Our site has nearly one thousand woman's profiles. I think you will agree it is tiresomely to look at them one after another. That's why we created a comfortable navigation. First, you can use the button "Search" and for example, to sort the women of certain age according to their knowledge of English. Special connoisseurs of the woman's beauty can search according to such criterions, like the color of hair and eyes, the parameters of height and weight and so on.
There is another way of the search too. Directly on the photo album's page you will find the buttons with different age categories,
"New profiles"- forms, which were registered recently.
"Ladies with phone", "…with e-mail"- you can write to these women not just through the site, but even to their personal e-mail, or to call her.
"Forgotten women" - women, who don't get much letters. Replay rate from these women is about 90%.
Passing over in silence women are sorted according to their popularity.

You will save your time, using this navigation. And you will think once more, what kind of woman you are looking for.

Is there any connection between the ID number and the time of the registration?

Sometimes the following question can appear: Why do the girls with the numbers: 5,6,9 still in the site, when you have already more than a thousand ID? Probably they are for a long time already in the site and it is strange, they are so sympathetic? We purposely don't show the date of registration of each profile and number how many times each particular address was sold. That information is absolutely misleading. If the lady is online it means she is still looking and each of you have the chance. But if we show that the profile is 8 month old or her address was sold 100 times you will probably forget about her and try to find somebody new. And the lady can become a victim of the numbers which means nothing. Some times it take a liftime to find somebody to love, so why we have to ignore people who are in search for long time.

And to the question: why such beautiful girls couldn't find their soul mates second year already, we can answer the following:
1. Men think that they get a great plenty of letters and that's why they are afraid to write them:)
2. Or these ladies are very fastidious.
So, there is just one way to check if the woman will wish to correspond with you - you should write her yourself! ID will tell nothing definite about the lady.

Why do we sell a limited number of the addresses?

Indeed, you can buy a limited number of the addresses in our site. You can not buy more than ten.
Let's me explain our policy of the addresses' giving.

Our longstanding experience shows the purchase of the address is ineffective without preliminary correspondence. There is no guarantee at all that the woman will agree to correspond. It isn't because of you, but in the method of the correspondence. The post works unstable here in Russia. Yes, the letter can reach till the necessary mailbox but the hooligans can steal it out from there. And this is fact! Besides, the correspondence with the help of ordinary post will prolong your acquaintance for many years. And unfortunately the time plays against of many women and men, who addressed to our agency.
But if you are corresponding with the help of e-mail for some period already, and for example, you want to send your photos or your presents to your lady. So, the getting of the address gains an importance then. And we will give it to you free of charge. If you have:
- Gold membership - 5 addresses a month;
- Silver membership - 2 addresses.

If you do not exercise this right, the unclaimed quantity of the addresses is carried to another month.

There are such sites, which sell the whole base of the addresses for 50$. But think a little bit, what kind of information do they have? Is it true information? Who is responsible for their properness?
We protect our base from such buying up. Besides, we control the truth of the information thoroughly.

So, if you liked the lady, open her page then. You will find the button on the bottom "Send Letter". If you paid the membership, then you can use it.

What does it mean "Unpublished Phone"?

We take their phone number during the registration of the women for sure. It is our rule. We can contact the woman with the help of the telephone very fast and inform her about the letter, to remind her that she should answer to the letter, if she didn't answer yet, and etc. But unfortunately, not all the women can give their contact telephone number. Still thousands houses of Kazan do not have telephones! A lot of private telephone companies appeared last time, but anyway they can not satisfy all the request.
If the lady doesn't have her own telephone, she leaves some other contact telephone number. It can be her working telephone number, her parents' number, her friend's or neighbor's number too. Such telephone numbers go to the category "Unpublished phone". It is better not to achieve to get such numbers, as you will have to explain for a long time what you want. And most likely that people will not understand your language at all.
But there is another category of telephones "Unpublished phone". For example,
- Mobile. The ladies do not give their mobile phone numbers very willingly to the foreigners, as it is very expensive.
- Home number. Most likely lady won't want to give her home telephone number, if she lives together with her parents and she keeps from them her wish to find her happiness abroad.

Anyway there are straight contact numbers of the ladies in the category "Unpublished phone" and you can ask them yourself - is it possible to call them? Maybe you will call them at some special time. For example, it is cheaper to call to mobile phones after 11.00 p.m.
In case if there is indicated: "Unpublished phone", so contact with our managers then and they will send your inquiry to the lady. They will find out if there is possible to find some alternative phone number. Or what time it is more convenient to call on this phone number. You always can speak with your woman on the telephone in the Agency, If the she doesn't have any opportunity to give you her contact phone number! The interpreter will help you if it is necessary. This service is called Phone conferences.